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capable of being partitioned


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Only participants with two complete and analyzable autonomic testings during the period of the study were included in the statistical analysis.
ECGs with atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmia/issues precluding automatic detection for the entire 24 h period were termed not analyzable and assigned an extrasystolic coverage of 0%.
While preserving all the characteristics of ordinary memes, due to being spread through the Internet, Internet memes leave a footprint that is traceable and analyzable." (p.
It should ensure that analyzable data are obtained.
One might expect each chapter to follow the formatting of a research article, as each author clearly has compiled analyzable and publishable data as a result of their featured projects.
Kuik, Asymptotics and singularities for a class of difference equations, in Analyzable functions and applications, Contemp.
Specific information coming off these airframes must be analyzable and digestible as quickly as possible.
But there is still a remarkable amount of documents on arts and humanities in the Web of Science Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) and this data is bibliometrically analyzable and actually quite interesting (Ho et al.
Speech recognition software will convert the audio message to analyzable text, enabling the "correct" response to be chosen out of thousands of pre-scripted lines.
A thought is a propositional event not analyzable in terms of sensations.
Fie rejects Foucault's and Butler's discourse analysis, although many lyrics, videos, and statements are read critically here, for a phenomenological approach drawing on Merleau-Ponty and Sarah Ahmed that posits a prior material body that yields analyzable sensory experience (pp.
Vipul Mankad, M.D.: The first thing that any analytics platform needs is to integrate data from disparate sources and make it analyzable. You need to clean and scrub the data so it can be used.
Also the presented model in this study is analyzable for sequential stochastic and fuzzy data.