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the property of being analytic

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This problem affects anybody who accepts the Dummettian framework for analyticity and logical truth and also holds that there are (at least two) ground-type objects whose existence can be established by logic alone.
Stoppato, Power series and analyticity over the quaternions, Math.
Quine's Attitude toward Analyticity Juhl and Loomis argue that, according to Quine, the rejection of analyticity just is a part of the rejection of first philosophy (the notion of analyticity is not intelligible).
In fact, he neglects to formulate his notions of analyticity and a priority so as to either include or rule out the foundations of logic.
First, consider ascriptions of analyticity, synonymy, and meaning to linguistic expressions; e.
Treves, On the analyticity of CR mapping, Annals of Math.
SEYED MASOUD MOOSAVI KARIMI, "Carnap and Quine on Analyticity.
In particular, Morscher's discussion of the substitutional procedure--the method of ideavariation on the basis of which Bolzano defines notions such as analyticity, consequence and probability--is elegant and transparent.
8) shows that the kernels of the analyticity operators A[+ or -] are the Heisenberg distributions [[PHI].
His topics include taking philosophical questions at face value, metaphysical and epistemological conceptions of analyticity, and knowledge maximization.
We note that all combinatorial specifications based on the constructions of Table 1 are analytic, by virtue of the analyticity at the origin of +, x, exp, 1/(1 - z), log(1/(1 - z)) and their compositions.
One involves control over derivatives and/or complex analyticity which will allow uniqueness via an appeal to an intermediate value theorem or a use of Rouche's theorem.
Jackson must also contend with the Quinean rejection of analyticity.
The paper on Russell also contains Godel's earliest published comments on the analyticity of mathematics.
Epistemic reason relations are used to explain the notions of analyticity, evidence, modality, abstracta, and concept-possession/rulefollowing.