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the property of being analytic

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Association between family structure and inquisitiveness (p=0.03), analyticity (p=0.01) and cognitive maturity (p<0.05) was significant.
It focuses initially on the development of Carnap's rejection of metaphysics from 1932 to 1950 and the role that analyticity plays.
And in Section 4, we prove the space analyticity of Theorems 5 and 6.
Consider an analogy with concepts--a particularly apt analogy, given that essential necessity is often taken to be analogous to analyticity. In general, we expect conceptual elements to be similarly re-combinable.
Quine's attack on analyticity. Quine's argument is sometimes taken to entail that concepts do not bear essential features and cannot be known a priori.
Whereas the classical Kowalevskaya theorem requires analyticity of functions with respect to all the variables that appear, they radically weaken assumptions so that they do not require analyticity with respect to t.
(15.) I have extendedly argued (Garcia-Encinas, 2015) that neither analyticity nor the activity of conceptual thought and imagination can justify modal metaphysical principles.
This tendency, in the case of English, in general leads to results similar to those observed as a consequence of yet another tendency observed in L2 varieties, that of the shift towards analyticity (Szmrecsanyi and Kortmann 2011).
In [3, 10], under the assumption that the activation functions satisfied boundedness and analyticity, some sufficient conditions were obtained to guarantee the stability of the equilibrium point.
The paper chooses the content in Table 2 as the measurement indices of the hazard of false network news according to the principles of scientificity, objectivity, comprehensiveness, analyticity and independence.
Giga, Analyticity of the semigroup generated by the Stokes operator in Lr spaces, Math.
Actually, the log-convexity of Z([lambda]) is a consequence of Holder's inequality, and the analyticity of Z([lambda]) involves a systematic estimation procedure.
Thus we need the condition of analyticity of functions of split octonionic variables,
Olariu [15] introduced the concept of hypercomplex numbers and studied some of its properties in 2002, then studied exponential and trigonometric form, the concept of analyticity, contour integration and residue.