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the property of being analytic

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Yet, a political scientist is allowed to see things from his/her perspective, while a philosopher historian is permitted to see things from the perspective of analyticity and to do a critique of how imagination can be used to take a look at the historical event.
On Murphey's reading 'Two Dogmas' consists of a set of promissory notes for future work rather than a well worked out doctrine discrediting analyticity in favor of Quine's epistemic holism.
While for a long time Estonian linguists were of the opinion that the use of ara as a perfective particle is an unnecessary German influence, then Helle Metslang has held that the weakness of the object position in Estonian, the tendency towards analyticity, and the fact that the perfective particle has more functions in the sentence than indicating perfectiveness account for the high frequency of ara in contemporary Estonian.
Zampieri takes graduate students through the material in remarkably gentle fashion, first covering complex variables such as Cauchy formulas in polydiscs, Levi forms and the logarithmic supermean of the Taylor radius of holomorphic functions, real structures, including Euclidean spaces, real synthetic spaces (the Frobenius-Darboux theorem), and real/complex structures such as CR manifolds and mappings, real/complex symplectic spaces, iterated commutators (Bloom-Graham normal forms) and separate real analyticity.
where * denotes the complex conjugate; we need also impose certain analyticity condition on the functions [psi] and [chi] [53]; see also [52], [45] for the maximum domain of analyticity of the series in the continuous q-Hermite polynomials.
Questions of analyticity concern the sense or mode of presentation associated with normative terms.
Lack of even minor improvement on the Analyticity scale (measuring the disposition to apply reason and evidence even with challenging problems) calls into question whether or not we are actually teaching students to think critically.
Two quibbles about analyticity and psychological reality.
Epistemic reason relations are used to explain the notions of analyticity, evidence, modality, abstracta, and concept-possession/rulefollowing.
Wolenski comes up with a supposed reductio of the claim that (T)-equivalences are analytic (234-236); but the argument presupposes that one can push the analyticity claim into the object-language and that derivability distributes over equivalences, which need not hold in non-standard logics.
We note that all combinatorial specifications based on the constructions of Table 1 are analytic, by virtue of the analyticity at the origin of +, x, exp, 1/(1 - z), log(1/(1 - z)) and their compositions.
Due to analyticity of F, these manifolds are analytic [1].
n]) for n [right arrow] [infinity], where [KAPPA] is the sum of the semimajor and semiminor axis lengths of f's ellipse of analyticity (in both references the argument is given for the Chebyshev extrema and not the Chebyshev zeros, but asymptotically this does not make any difference).
Topics include the theory of manifolds, including descriptions of smoothness, differentiability and analyticity, the area of a figure on the plane and the volume of a solid body in space including proof of the Bolyai- Gerwein theorem about scissors-congruent polynomials and Dehn's solution of the Third Hilbert Problem.