analytical review

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an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes

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For example, a reviewer in The Analytical Review says of Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France that it has "a want of connexion" (50).
This was the crux of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Dr Nadeemul Haqs press talk after launching of Analytical Review of the PSDP Portfolio, here on Tuesday.
Appendices include a questionnaire for the analytical review of banks and the 2006 version of the Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision.
Respondents were informed they were conducting the audit planning analytical review procedures, and were presented with a case narrative and last year's audited financial statements.
For low risk accounts, CPAs should perform an analytical review of the account balance to ensure it is within reasonable limits that would provide adequate evidence upon which to base a conclusion that the account does contain a significant or material misstatement.
The historical and analytical review of hagiography makes available much information about the saints, beatas, and other religious, biblical, and historical figures important to hagiographic texts, namely: Catherine of Siena, Gregorio Lopez, Luis de Granada, Teresa of Avila, Mariana de Jesus of Quito, Ines de Velasco, Ines de Ubitarte, Mary Magdalen, Eve, Phillip IV, Mariana of Austria, the young Carlos II, and the character of the "mujer varonil.
Rachel Huxley's chapter on birthweight and adult hypertension is the best analytical review of epidemiological data that I have yet seen.
Judging by the ease with which Bin Laden appeared and the wealth of his analytical review of recent developments as shown in the latest video tape broadcast partly on Oct.
Perhaps your firm has a corporate services function that can be engaged to perform an analytical review of space utilization and associated efficiencies throughout your client's portfolio.
Often-neglected material written by Wollstonecraft for The Analytical Review is considered and Bahar assesses some of her attitudes as reactions to Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiment.
Although auditors traditionally perform preliminary analytical review procedures in every financial statement audit engagement, such analytical procedures generally use data aggregated at a high level Therefore, the results of those analytical procedures only provide a broad initial indication about whether a material misstatement of the financial statements may exist.
I see auditors sharing the results of their risk analysis, benchmarking and analytical review procedures, industry knowledge, the assessment of strengths, weaknesses and strategic questions, and other information in such ways as to cause the stakeholders in the process to look forward to the feedback from the audit team.
8 million for the Los Angeles County Local Agency Formation Commission to conduct a comprehensive analytical review of the viability and impacts of the Valley becoming a separate city.
The report covers an elaborate analytical review of the present situation and past background of the melamine market and presents insightful information on the developments and market statistics - melamine production and consumption, trade dynamics, prices trends, top market players operating in the marketplace.
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