analytical review

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an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes

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H2: When using a decision aid in an analytical review task, auditors in a high-risk environment will conclude with a larger set of explanations than will auditors in a low-risk environment.
Empirical evidence on the changing role of analytical review procedures.
During the pre-audit interview, the agenda ordinarily includes a review and discussion of matters such as the audit plan, accounting and auditing developments that impact the financial statements, risk assessment and related risk control processes, an analytical review, the personnel assigned to the audit team, an internal financial audit plan, and estimated audit and nonaudit fees.
After the embezzlement was detected, Biebesheimer sued Weber, arguing that Weber should have expanded its review procedures based on the analytical review results.
* Audit software can foot, crossfoot, select samples, and analyze results; compare data between multiple files for consistency; import and export data; and perform analytical review procedures.
Corporate profiles, which can help in an analytical review of a client's performance compared to other companies in the same business, cover
Familiarity with this system enhances projections for analytical review.
I often find that, as a substitute, reviewed firms conduct a number of audit procedures in the belief that standard audit procedures fulfill the analytical review requirement.
According to the Analytical Review "Armenian Banks in Card Business" prepared by the Agency of Rating Marketing
This article provides a comprehensive perspective on auditing the modern manufacturer and helpful insights on performing analytical review procedures of the financial statements of these companies.
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