analytical geometry

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the use of algebra to study geometric properties

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* At a first glance this seems to be a task in geometry, and without the requirement of solving it using traditional methods we wouldn't have tried to solve it using analytical geometry, vectors and complex numbers.
The new two proofs are presented, that combine various methods and techniques from Euclidean geometry, analytical geometry and trigonometry.
The effect of three different preprocessing functions was assessed by an objective clusters analysis, based on analytical geometry indicators and GCQC.
After that, using the analytical geometry knowledge, I should have found the relation between the positions as equations of line using the distance between dog and rabbit.
Among their topics are cooperative path planning and mission planning, designing Dubins paths using analytical geometry, Pythagorean hodograph paths in three dimensions, avoiding mapped and unmapped obstacles, and multiple path planning for simultaneous arrival.
Does that shape look familiar from your college analytical geometry class?
Topics include non-archimedean analytical geometry, approaches to non-archimedean geometry, the p-adic upper half plane, Berkovich analytic spaces and non-archimedean potential theory on curves, and p-adic cohomology from theory to practice.
Schwartz, "Calculus and analytical geometry," 2nd Edition, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1969.
In addition, many of these concepts are presented in a mathematical context and require a good command of college algebra and analytical geometry. A number of students find the Principles of Economics class to be quite difficult and are often perplexed as to why they seem to struggle more in this course than in others.
Descartes, the inventor of analytical geometry, turned to the reality of mathematics, a priori knowledge--knowledge accessible without sensory perception.
The file format is JT, which can store directly renderable geometry, analytical geometry, geometric attributes, facet information, lighting models, texture maps, user metadata, hierarchical product structures, and product manufacturing information (PMI), geometric and functional dimension and tolerancing data, and attributes (such as color, layer, and font).
Sofia Kovalevskaia (1850-1891) was a Russian mathematician whose work in differential equations and analytical geometry made significant contributions to these fields.
Cabri Geometry II is the first interactive geometry package with analytical geometry built in.
In 1982, only 25.2% of students took calculus, third-level algebra, and analytical geometry compared to 41.4% in 1998.
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