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the early phase of cubism

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1 is an example of Analytical Cubism. The subject is a village on the Normandy coast.
Pollock's 1946-1950 manner really took up Analytical Cubism from the point at which Picasso and Braque had left it when, in their collages of 1912 and 1913, they drew back from the utter abstractness for which Analytical Cubism seemed headed.
In contrast to those French masters, however, color plays a minimal role in Bell's image, as in the drab canvases of high Analytical Cubism. Although not Cubist in the strictest sense, the cover illustration heralds the importance of abstracted structural form to the novel's texture and substance.
In a style later known as "analytical cubism," shifting planes rendered in broken lines and inconsistent fields of light and shadow obscure our perception of the figure.
Like their French contemporaries, the Futurists started by developing the theories of the Impressionists further, and in so doing they used the iconographic language of analytical Cubism. However they were also endeavouring to give the picture ever greater dynamism and make the element of time visible.
And no doubt the tendency of cultural critics to bracket Analytical Cubism, the theory of relativity and the fourth dimension as corresponding redefinitions of reality tended to reinforce the view that modern art was like modern science somehow, each transforming our picture of the world in parallel ways.
Analytical cubism (1910 - 12) increased the breakdown of forms and simultaneously represented various aspects of the same object.
Dances a la source [II] (Dances at the Spring [II]), 1912, to cite one famous example, fuses the Analytical Cubism of Picasso's Three Women, 1908, with the crazy-quilt semaphore of Gino Severini's Dynamic Hieroglyphic of the Bal Tabarin, 1912.
Of all the works to come out of Picasso's experiments with analytical cubism, the portraits are the most intriguing, and the most difficult.
Analytical Cubism divorces the means of representation shading, perspective, foreshortening from the object resented; it creates spaces that can only exist on the canvas, or in the mind.
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