analytical cubism

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the early phase of cubism

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The work's palette is a grayish brown reminiscent of Analytical Cubism, as is its space, which is broken up into facets by the clippings' edges.
Far from evoking the dispassionate gaze of Analytical Cubism, however, this collection of ashen faces has wide-ranging, disturbing connotations: It suggests the hoods of night-riding Klansmen as much as those of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, the obsessive-compulsive gathering and arranging of photographs undertaken by serial killers as much as mounds of Holocaust dead.
Mondrian's Analytical Cubism began where theirs left off: with Gray Tree, usually said to have been painted in 1912 but tentatively ascribed by Joop Joosten and Angelica Zander Rudenstine in the present catalogue to September 1911; and The Sea, painted in the summer of 1912.
Braque and Picasso fought their way out of it by starting to incorporate bits of the real world - actual bits or simulated bits - and gradually abandoning the whole apparatus of Analytical Cubism.
From which Porter concludes that "not his face, which was Emersonian, but his gesture, expressed what Analytical Cubism also expressed: the jazziness and fragmentation of the twentieth century.
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