analytical balance

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a beam balance of great precision used in quantitative chemical analysis

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The "cuts" are weighed on an analytical balance to determine the average mass and this value is extrapolated to the mass that would be extruded in 10 minutes--the MFR.
SG measurement is most easily accomplished using a "mud balance" [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED] to weigh a known volume of the coating, but a precision container and an analytical balance will accomplish the same job.
Contract notice for Delivery of new production technologies Moisture analyzer ii - granulation, analytical balance for density determinations, analytical balance with ionization gate to eliminate static electricity, analytical balances, precision balances (trial balance).
The ingenious draftshield on the Explorer analytical balance just got even more user-friendly with the introduction of motorized draftshield doors on select new models.
Before an analytical balance is used to make measurements, it must be shown the accepted standard concept of one gram.
The Explorer(R) Pro Analytical Balance is ideal for weighing powders and pills and automatically senses changes in ambient temperature.
The modern analytical balance originated during the mid-18th century when a Scottish chemist developed the technique of using a lightweight, rigid beam supported on a knife-edged fulcrum.
Erhard Mettler in 1945 with his invention of the single-pan analytical balance.
A&D Weighing has been awarded a certificate of conformance under the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) for its HR-60 Analytical Balance.
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