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the abstract separation of a whole into its constituent parts in order to study the parts and their relations

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The four authors are distinguished academics, and their careful analysis of the goals and values and, to a lesser extent, the current research in education policy, speaks to another era, one in which those trained in analytic thinking at premier universities found themselves entrusted with the opportunity and the time to draw upon that thinking while being somewhat protected from the slings and arrows of political fortune.
Throughout this time sharp debates were sustained over the proper role and function of critical analysis, during which they identified and described the many benefits and limitations of analytic thinking. Contemporary European philosophers studying the nature of formal analytic reason can gain insight by considering these Tibetan inquiries into the hermeneutics of analytic thinking.
Through a spotlight analysis (Irwin & McClelland, 2001), we found that the difference in performance between holistic and analytic thinking styles was not significant for individuals in the unaware condition, F(1,147) = 1.30 ns.
We predicted a weak negative correlation between I-E Intrinsic scores and scores on the same Analytic Thinking Task that they used (hypothesis 1), and a stronger negative correlation between I-E Intrinsic scores and an expanded version (EATT) of that task (hypothesis 2).
We need to train and educate our intelligence analysts on their analytic thinking (gray-matter) swing mechanics, and instill a rigorous and structured analytic battle rhythm that increases and improves analytic efficiencies.
The fellowship provides opportunities to enhance skills in research and analytic thinking, written and oral scientific presentations, and the practices of preventive medicine and public health.
"Empathetic and analytic thinking are, at least to some extent, mutually exclusive in the brain," he said.
Further, as part of the university's mission to enhance analytic thinking among all students, plans are underway for undergraduates in the Broad College to participate in the first-ever IBM Watson case study curriculum.
* The ability to identify and solve unstructured problems, a capacity for inquiry, research and analytic thinking, and the ability to anticipate and adapt to change are the three most important professional competencies for current accounting hires.
The TV series will focus on fostering basic skills such as counting, literacy and analytic thinking, striving to empower children to reach their full potential by staying in school.
Models which use these methods are fast, accurate, intelligent and stimulate the creative and analytic thinking. The result of the complex research based on modern models should be not only a progress in acquiring information but hopefully a leap in wisdom.
Students were judged on their scientific knowledge, ability to understand new ideas and scientific and analytic thinking. They were also judged on their teamwork, leadership and communication skills.
They are from various walks of life, though many of them are in academic fields such as philosophy that encourage analytic thinking and clear writing.
Thus, for us a second set of reinforcers emerges- the reintegration of behavior analytic thinking into psychology.
The second is rigorous critical and analytic thinking, to include questioning assumptions and prevailing wisdom.
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