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the abstract separation of a whole into its constituent parts in order to study the parts and their relations

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An ability to identify and solve unstructured problems, the capacity for inquiry, research and analytic thinking and professional skepticism were seen as the three most important professional competencies for accounting hires five years from now.
How could she do the analytic thinking and complex tasks required of a physician?
It is easy to identify with her feelings and to appreciate her analytic thinking about drugs, time, ugliness, crime, solitude, and men.
This competition was designed to generate new areas of interest in math education that will, we believe, have a positive and lasting impact on the real-world strategic and analytic thinking skills our country's students need to be successful and compete on a global level.
He'll be applying his analytic thinking and his proven skills in implementing robust processes across our global operation.
Empathetic and analytic thinking are, at least to some extent, mutually exclusive in the brain," said Anthony Jack, an assistant professor of cognitive science at Case Western Reserve and lead author of the new study.
Rather than considering language and drawing purely as a means of communicating ideas, Vygotsky saw language and drawing as tools, as cultural means for developing logical and analytic thinking and learning.
Conventional intelligence tests, such as those used by Duncan's team, assess a narrow type of analytic thinking, Sternberg holds.
Washington, April 27 ( ANI ): Analytic thinking can decrease religious belief, even in devout believers, says researchers.
The development of these skills has a carryover effect: the use of analytic thinking and better decisions.
According to Perkins, there are instructional programs aimed at nurturing creative and analytic thinking, and experimental results show some short-term success, but no one knows whether the students in these programs lead more creative lives 15 years down the road.
Center to Offer Leading-Edge Analytic Thinking and Implementation
Instruction relies on the Socratic Method to foster critical analytic thinking which is characterized by high academic quality and a special emphasis in mathematics, reading, writing, and character development.
But adolescence is also a time when analytic thinking, problem solving, planning and decision-making skills start to increase, Hill said.
Conceptualizing and executing successful business development deals requires deep analytic thinking, sales instincts, and a passion for execution.
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