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Synonyms for analyst

Synonyms for analyst

someone who is skilled at analyzing data

an expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc

a licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis

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Of the last 10 analysts to publish research on Uber, eight gave the stock a bullish rating with an average price target of $56.78, suggesting 76% upside.
In analyzing the effects and outcomes, we will present evidence to adopt affirmative disclosure as a plausible resolution to the informational asymmetry and selective disclosure policies plaguing the relationship between securities analysts and investors, as well as the outcomes internalized by the latter.
The questions were designed to ask carriers, consultants, and technicians information about their relationships and insights into analyst traits, but also searched to determine carrier business plan needs, the sources in which they use business strategies, the value of vendor solutions, and sources used in conjunction with analysts advice.
Fendler manages the company's underwriting analysts who support MEMIC's underwriters along the Eastern Seaboard from Maine to Florida.
Respond Analyst determines incident severity based on evidence from telemetry and company-specific context, automating the monitoring, analysis, case building and incident escalation tasks typically performed by front-line analysts in security operations centers (SOCs).
In addition, analysts upgraded ratings for six funds, downgraded ratings for four funds and one target-date series, affirmed ratings for 71 funds, and placed one fund under review.
Apart from honoring outstanding institutions, FMAP also picked the best analysts, traders, sales persons and economists.
private health insurers had left over after paying claims grew more slowly in 2014 than government analysts had expected.
According to BRC Investment Management LLC, it also applies to sell-side analysts working at Wall Street firms.
Legacy analyst firms require their clients to purchase a minimum of reader and subscriber seats to research often in the tens of thousands wasted in order to access analysts.
In fact, since analyst recommendations are also utilized to generate profits from brokerage and underwriting services, analysts have an interest in underreporting risks.
W hen you run across a stock that's rated "buy'' by Wall Street analysts, don't rush to snap up shares.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 16, 2017-Morningstar assigns new analyst rating to 25 US Funds
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