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Synonyms for analyst

Synonyms for analyst

someone who is skilled at analyzing data

an expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc

a licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis

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That's when analysts discovered overstated revenue and cash-flow projections underlying the bond offering.
Under the regulation, companies are required to disclose profit warnings, earnings reports and any other financial-related information to the public at the same time the information is released to analysts.
One of the reasons behind the SEC's adoption of regulation FD was the cozy relationship that some analysts shared with corporate management in order to deliver accurate earnings forecasts.
com called analysts in seriatim fashion to discuss negative information," Cutler says.
Four Additional Kyocera MFPs and Printers Recognized For Excellence In Industry Analysts' Office Products Analyst
To work best with the analysts who cover your company, I think there are ways to set your firm apart from the rest.
In this booming field, this was an unusually sad group of white-collar professionals in their mid-to-upper forties who were constantly complaining about the younger, more aggressive analysts that the brokerage houses now prefer.
This exclusive portfolio represents all stocks with a Strong Buy rating from at least four analysts with a 5-Star All Star ranking.
Analysts International Capitalizes on the Value of Attracting the Vast Market of IT Contractors
Analysts like the company's continued emphasis on innovation to deliver strong organic revenue and earnings growth.
Analysts like the company's fundamentals, including its share repurchase program, its disciplined stance toward asset reactivations and its strong free cash flow.
This is often the case because analysts almost always initiate coverage with a positive recommendation.
Analysts also like GlobalSantaFe's fleet of premium rigs and its strong balance sheet, which provides financial stability and flexibility.
Some analysts expect revenue weakness to continue in the fiscal second quarter, but Activision is expected to launch three PS3 launch titles and three Wii launch titles later this year.
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