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Synonyms for analyst

Synonyms for analyst

someone who is skilled at analyzing data

an expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc

a licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis

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In an effort to play catch-up, the CIA put a team of its best analysts on the case, sorting through satellite photos, tips from defectors, and electronic intercepts to determine how close North Korea was to possessing intercontinental missiles.
A number of analysts agree it's important that CEOs learn how the market works and understand the analyst's role.
This helps us facilitate maintaining the same level and types of discussions we always had with analysts as far as their assumptions and earnings estimates.
An analyst would ask about projections for the next quarter.
So the process in years past has been that companies talked to analysts in order to enable them to come up with forecasts, and when the forecast turns out to be wrong, the company can rightly say it was the analyst's forecast, not the company's.
If a supervisor knows of any change, or if questions about the original standard arise, a simple phone call to the analyst should bring sufficient information to quickly resolve the issue and/or get a current analysis started.
Howard was a portfolio manager and analyst with Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System in Nashville.
The built-in fixture compatibility of the Analyst fcs opens the path to lower test costs by offering a modern alternative to high-cost testers.
What you may not know is that an analyst has many forces pulling him in different directions as he tries to make the correct investment recommendations.
In any police line-up, I would have picked her for a fashion model and not a securities analyst, whom I would have expected to be stooped and shopworn.
Each year, we conduct a study where we ask service managers and technicians from copier/MFP dealers and resellers to rate the color copiers, MFPs and printers they work with on a daily basis," said Andy Slawetsky, president, Industry Analysts, Inc.
Discover all the current All Star Analyst rankings and top analyst recommendations at http://at.
Today, I want to talk about companies that receive new analyst coverage.
Digital Resolve, the authority in transparent risk-based authentication, is helping financial institutions to expedite deployment of its Fraud Analyst risk-based authentication solution through its Zero Impact Installation option, which eliminates the need to directly integrate with web-based banking or other online applications where stronger authentication is needed.
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