analysis of variance

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a statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means

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Analysis of variance showed that the effect main degree density within probability level 1% on root volume is significant (Table 1).
Analysis of variance showed that different doses of nitrogen level alone and in combination with constant doses of phosphorus and potassium had no significant effect on plant height.
In order to determine the relationship between the experimental variable (site index parameters) and strength properties, all the data measured were subjected to an analysis of variance and Duncan's mean separation test.
Least squares means, correlations, and analysis of variance were calculated from these data using a Statistical Analysis Systems package designed and implemented by Barr and Goodnight, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University.
ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE identifies statistically significant differences between various demographic groups on the survey.
The combination of a multi-factor analysis of variance (ANOVA) with various subsidiary, ad hoc approaches suggested by the ANOVA or directly by the data, can establish an instructive hierarchy of salient physical and subjective parameters and illuminate some of their specific details.
Statistical techniques, including analysis of variance, data distribution fitting, and bootstrap analysis, will be used for the evaluation of the analytical results.
A Friedman two-way analysis of variance and a post-hoc test yielded a statistically significant difference between the lowest and highest mean ranks, [chi square] (22, N=36)=53.
The analysis of variance offers an excellent procedure for making tests about three or more means that is reliable.
The statistical analyses are based on the analysis of variance.
The standard univariate and bivariate descriptive statistics are covered, including cross-tabulation, t-test, analysis of variance, linear regression, and nonparametric techniques.
01% level) obtained in a one-way analysis of variance when intercountry variations in equity capital percentage are compared to within country variation (Table 13 in the appendix shows the pairwise T-tests for intercountry comparisons of mean equity percentages).
A Gage R&R study is actually a designed experiment using a simple analysis of variance to determine the amount of error attributable to the measurement system as a percentage of the specification range.
Analysis consisted of one-way analysis of variance (with post-hoc Scheffe tests) of AIDS knowledge by school, and by amount of education (no education, 23.
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