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Synonyms for analyse

Synonyms for analyse

break down into components or essential features

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

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Evolutionary Analyses of bdr-Related Sequences: Revised Nomenclature for the Bdr-Related Proteins
In all, analyses of the results of the nonparametric and parametric analyses agreed.
However, after receiving an earlier version of this letter, the CDC quickly performed new analyses of 14 retained frozen samples and informed us that analysis with confirmatory ions validated their original findings.
Overall, the 410,021 women included in the analyses had 2.
Addressing the issue of missing data is important because it can impact subsequent analyses, discussions and conclusions.
Statistical standards are used to determine whether the model produces statistically reasonable results as well as to provide analyses of the sensitivity and uncertainty associated with each of the model's inputs.
It usually is expressed as a percentage that is calculated by dividing the standard deviation obtained from a number of analyses of an element divided by the average of the readings.
Cost-effectiveness analyses often take the societal, population-based perspective, while health care is delivered on an individual basis
As indicated by customer segmentation analyses by market, by geography, and by research needs, very different product preferences exist among subsets of consumers, especially core labs.
Possible false-negative analyses could result from multiple confirmation ions that limit the sensitivity of detecting low concentrations, degradation of AM in the samples that had undergone several thaw-refreeze cycles, or inadvertent dilution of AM during the pooling process.
Ideally, use of the GI program for content analyses of interview text as was done in this study could be improved and made more reliable by obtaining a larger amount of text/words per person to analyze.
1) Similar results were found in analyses comparing women who experienced gestational hypertension with normotensive mothers.
With the ability to conduct analyses in-house with spectrometers, foundries could pour metal with full confidence of the exact chemical composition.
These new analyses provide the strongest indication thus far that the two independently isolated viruses linked to AIDS (SN: 4/28/84, p.
In the off-drug follow-up period for patients in the APPROVe study, there was not a statistically significant difference in the risk of confirmed thrombotic cardiovascular events in patients who had previously taken VIOXX compared to those who had previously taken placebo, according to preliminary analyses announced today by the study sponsor, Merck & Co.