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Synonyms for analyse

Synonyms for analyse

break down into components or essential features

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

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The product analyses email and databases through four key stages--policy identification, content disassembly, content analysis and message classification/disposal path selection.
The Payline upgrade now supports both the market position and minimum and maximum analyses and has tools to assist in efficient and accurate processing of compensation reviews for both methods.
In regression analyses controlling for background and risk-related characteristics, males with a high level of depressive symptoms at baseline were significantly more likely than those with a low level to say at follow-up that they had engaged in at least one of the specified risk behaviors between interviews (odds ratio, 1.7).
To ensure proper reporting of financial results in the first quarter of 2007, affected taxpayers must have the substance of their analyses completed--and their systems in place--by the end of 2006.
We performed chi-square tests and analyses of variance on quantitative data and used descriptive statistics to reach conclusions about the effects of counseling services administered to LTS students.
This replicates previous analyses conducted by Pocock et al.
Rank Mantel analyses were performed (16) by using PRIMER software (Primer-E, Ltd., Plymouth, UK).
Two additional aliquots of RM 8504 were processed as above with the amount of the evaporated extracts targeted to be at a level similar to that obtained during typical oil sample analyses (about 0.2 g, exact mass known).
A variety of techniques is now available for high spatial resolution isotopic analyses (ion probe, laser ablation; microsampling).
This is the second of two articles on how to use Excel to conduct powerful business analyses.
* The algorithms: from one-dimensional analyses to generalized linear modeling, neural networks, decision trees and multivariate adaptive regression spines.
"Laboratory analyses offer far more capabilities to better understand the overall properties of machine clothing," said Steve Cole, director of technology, Weavexx Corp., Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA.
One of the book's most important contributions is its discussion of the cultural constructs of globalization and its analyses of the accompanying discourses, which have transformed welfare from a right into a sickness.