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Synonyms for analyse

Synonyms for analyse

break down into components or essential features

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

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It was a heavy balloon, not one of those light ones" - PAUL MERSON "I didn't see the England game live, but I did see the headlights" - ALAN BRAZIL "The Old Firm derby never disappoints, but I've been disappointed with the game today" - CHARLIE NICHOLAS "When you look at the analysation, Drogba is some player" - BOBBY GOULD "The England game was a bit of a damp squid" - MIKE PARRY "No matter how much you're expecting it, the sack is still unexpected" - JASON Mc ATEER "I sailed too close to the sun" - OUR VERY OWN STAN COLLYMORE
I will call a meeting of senior leaders and all general secretaries to discuss the analysation made here, and a committee will be formed to prepare a road map draft for the party, which will be placed before the national executive," Singh said.
Additionally there is significant demand for these systems anywhere sensitive computer systems and analysation equipment is located.