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a person undergoing psychoanalysis

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Supervision and consultation serve a number of functions for analysts, one of which is better understanding the transference and countertransference dynamics with analysands (Evans, 1996: 211-214; Laplanche and Pontalis, 1973: 454-461).
The names and other identifying information about the analysands discussed here have naturally been changed.
She now works to draw her analysands upwards toward these higher levels sought by their very selves.
As we also could see, the four analysts were able to experience intuitively and empathically these mental states communicated through projective identification by the analysands.
I've benefited from my own time among the analysands, but I've never lost the sense that a comic situation always lurked just around the corner.
But rather than displacing the individualist framework that lies behind this famous example--Freud's reading of literary characters as if they were "real" analysands on his couch--most contributors follow it.
Bracher further notes that literary study "often attracts students who bring to our classrooms a demand for knowledge of much the same type as analysands bring to analysis.
Therapy cults aside, just think of those analysands who have therapy four hours a week and never make a decision without first consulting their shrinks.
Analysands continuously give signs of feeling ambivalent toward their analysts and their being in analysis at all.
With regard to identification as a basis for cure, Jerome Frank showed years ago that most successful analysands tend to describe their gains in terms of their analysts' particular "school.
This biography is based on a review of Easser's papers as well as interviews with more than 30 of her teachers, colleagues, students, analysands, family, and friends.
The author believe this is largely because expressions of tenderness to analysands are often interpreted as infantilization via the acting out of analysts' narcissistic needs to cure by posing as the impossibly perfect parent.
Even though Laforgue embraced outdated primitivist views of Arabs, then, the presence of his analysands in Moroccan institutions opened psychiatry to new views that broke with the past.
We are left, like analysands, alone with the harsh illumination of isolated facts.
After marrying one of her analysands, Erich Fromm, she founded with him a short-lived sanitarium in Heidelberg based on a mixture of psychoanalytic and orthodox Jewish principles.