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a person undergoing psychoanalysis

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Rather the claim is verified, or not, by the procedure known as the passe, in which an analysand testifies to the nature of her experience before two other analysands, known as passers, who in turn transmit this testimony to a group of others known as "the cartel of the pass" (Tillet 2001, 130).
In other words, like the parent-child bond, the analytic relationship is a sacred haven in which analysands have a second chance to realize their vitality and authenticity potentials.
In chapter 5, Stroud argues that such an analysis is unavailable, since for an analysis to be successful it must be impossible for the analysandum to occur without the analysands.
Characters are driven compulsively back to unresolved tensions or unanswered questions from their pasts, and when resolutions are achieved, Brookner's protagonists are released into the ordinary unhappiness to which Freud consigned his successful analysands.
For Horowitz and Collier, politics remains in the eighties what it was in the sixties, a persistently onanistic form of cathartic confrontation therapy which, like the dreams analysands present to their doctors, draws material from the outer world but arranges and distorts it in accordance with private needs.
But this has changed as the problems potential analysands bring into the treatment room are so very different from what they were even ten years ago.
In this essay, Freud describes a common fantasy shared by many of his hysterical or neurotic analysands.
Interestingly, she offers as examples of the semiotic modality the pathological discourse of analysands as well as literature, arguing that both of these discourses present us with some degree of motivation as opposed to the theoretical assumption of an arbitrary relation between signifier and signified.
NEW YORK -- In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, New York City psychoanalysts departed from the standard script, initiating phone calls to analysands, offering advice and reassurance, and answering personal questions, Dr.
Boyarin does not seem averse to psychoanalytic knowledge throughout his book, but here he does not even acknowledge the fact that a considerable portion of psychoanalytic theory is based on the clinical observation of analysands.
Psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists are trained to recognize their own affective or emotional responses to their analysands and to consider these responses important resources for understanding their analysands' suffering, ultimately toward creating the best conditions for healing possible (see Heinmann 1950; Pines 1980; Turp 2003).
Unlike most other disciplines (with the possible exception of philosophy and psychology), literary study often attracts students who bring to our classrooms a demand for knowledge of much the same type as analysands bring to analysis.
This reader Jacques Lacan hears the speech of his analysands and listens to the signifiers in the literary text.