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a person undergoing psychoanalysis

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In a conception of man whose psychic life is forced into a seamlessly determined series of causal connections strictly and really scientifically conceived, no place at all is given for any freedom, any more than for 'tactlessness towards the analysand [Taktlosigkeiten gegenuber den Analysanden]' (4), which Freud so authoritatively said the therapist was to avoid.
funerals and memorial services function differently for analysands than they do for mourners with more socially recognized relationships to the deceased analyst ...
Supervision and consultation serve a number of functions for analysts, one of which is better understanding the transference and countertransference dynamics with analysands (Evans, 1996: 211-214; Laplanche and Pontalis, 1973: 454-461).
Clearly, he defined transference as the moments when analysts get lost and take anew their bearings and psychoanalysis as a dialectical experience in which the "ortho-dramatization" of the analysand's subjectivity depends on the analyst's response (184).
The names and other identifying information about the analysands discussed here have naturally been changed.
This is why analytic clients are analysands, properly speaking, not patients.
I've benefited from my own time among the analysands, but I've never lost the sense that a comic situation always lurked just around the corner.
Bracher further notes that literary study "often attracts students who bring to our classrooms a demand for knowledge of much the same type as analysands bring to analysis." Students' implicit questions, for Bracher, include: "What should I do with my life?
Therapy cults aside, just think of those analysands who have therapy four hours a week and never make a decision without first consulting their shrinks.
Analysands continuously give signs of feeling ambivalent toward their analysts and their being in analysis at all.
With regard to identification as a basis for cure, Jerome Frank showed years ago that most successful analysands tend to describe their gains in terms of their analysts' particular "school."
This biography is based on a review of Easser's papers as well as interviews with more than 30 of her teachers, colleagues, students, analysands, family, and friends.
I am convinced that by having tamed their vulnerability, analysands
But even after Hetty decides to narrate, her telling of the story is broken by six pauses in the text, pauses that seem to illustrate the narrative dilemma of analysands "who are patients precisely because of the weakness of the narrative discourses that they present: the incoherence, inconsistency, and lack of explanatory force in the way they tell their lives" (Psychoanalysis 47).