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Synonyms for analyse

Synonyms for analyse

break down into components or essential features

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

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not analysable into other conceptions, such as the domains of SPACE, TIME, COLOUR or PITCH.
'rhe blend emerges in accordance with the analysable semantic structure of the idiom.
So powerful is Western intellectual tradition in the story narrated in this book that even the authoritarian outlook of what purports to be peculiarly post-colonial, Javanese-centric, and militarist New Order is in fact indebted to and analysable in terms of the ideas of Hegel.
It is generally supposed, quite reasonably, that one who denies the existence of properties is obliged to believe that all sentences which seem to make reference to properties are analysable into sentences which do not make reference to properties.
Internal data (cutting conditions, parameters of cutting machine, material variables...) are numerical, easy analysable.
This separation of data into analysable individual parts is called "parsing".
Thirdly, abstract adjectives are, as a general rule, more analysable than concrete adjectives, which often convey meanings that cannot be decomposed lexically.
The appliance was chosen for its ability to efficiently manage massive data volumes generated by the smart grid meters and sensors, making it easily accessible and analysable. The appliance enables analytical information including grid health, price fluctuation, energy consumption, risk identification and fraud detection, the company said.
We hope that this will give investors more confidence that art, and our fund, is an investable, analysable asset class, just like any other."
He contrives this by ignoring the natural break between ' atma' and ' Tat tvam asi' so that it becomes ' atmatat tvam asi' which is analysable as ' atma atat tvam asi'.
"It's easily analysable and it has good disclosure and good access to management."
The TwinFin appliance was reportedly chosen for its ability to efficiently manage massive data volumes generated by the smart grid meters and sensors, making it more accessible, analysable and action-ready within minutes of receipt.
If one possesses a morphologically analysable fetal ECG, one is able to choose the place, manner, and time of the labour more thoroughly thereby the perinatal morbidity and mortality data can be improved.
Sufficient pathologic material was available from a total 23% of the analysable patients recruited in the trial.