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Synonyms for analyse

Synonyms for analyse

break down into components or essential features

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

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Word-formation can only be concerned with composites which are analysable both formally and semantically .
Or take the fact that new kinds of sensors, cameras, ID tags and all kinds of other devices have scarcely begun to produce their computer-readable and analysable data.
Quotas were put in place to ensure analysable base sizes of key target groups (dog owners and non-owners).
237 (79%), of the 300 analysable patients included in the study, continued to take Sativex[sup.
It's easily analysable and it has good disclosure and good access to management.
Despite being unreplicated and not statistically analysable, the data on 2 salinity (EC of soil solution) levels were used to construct a diagram (Fig.
We hope that this will give investors more confidence that art, and our fund, is an investable, analysable asset class, just like any other.
This separation of data into analysable individual parts is called "parsing".
It is generally supposed, quite reasonably, that one who denies the existence of properties is obliged to believe that all sentences which seem to make reference to properties are analysable into sentences which do not make reference to properties.
It is essential that the many benefits inherent in having accessible and readily analysable data be made clear to those who remain reluctant to change.