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an inability to read


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And it is only natural in a country where analphabetism reaches around 30% and poverty exceeds 40% to find some failing to adopt the wise path, to become aware of society's higher interests or appreciate the size of the foreign conspiracies and domestic schemes.
The concern, therefore, to deal with evangelization in a milieu of structural religious analphabetism, or even hostility towards religion in the West, is in line with the overall need to deepen and continue the dialogue on evangelization in post-modern and highly secularized contexts that has just begun in certain areas.
The Prophet's analphabetism is a firmly held belief among Muslims, yet the Qur'an's status as a book, as the book, seems to blur the difference between the oral and the written: one sanctifies the other.
This type of analphabetism does not mean lack of education; on the contrary, it signalizes overeducation and acquired ability to use more sophisticated means of communication than writing (computer, internet, telephone, first of all the mobile telephone)" (p.
Certainly, there is no need to recall the high rates of poverty and analphabetism, the tin neighborhoods surrounding Cairo and the inhabitants of the graveyards