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an inability to read


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The Mexican escuelas, however, also intended to educate the poorest branches of society and to use artistic education in order to compensate analphabetism, but a different system was employed.
And it is only natural in a country where analphabetism reaches around 30% and poverty exceeds 40% to find some failing to adopt the wise path, to become aware of society's higher interests or appreciate the size of the foreign conspiracies and domestic schemes.
The Qur'an was orally revealed; the very word Qur'an means "that which is recited." The Prophet's analphabetism is a firmly held belief among Muslims, yet the Qur'an's status as a book, as the book, seems to blur the difference between the oral and the written: one sanctifies the other.
Cultural illiteracy (analphabetism) is going to spread in Europe approximately in the same proportion as is extant in America.