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Synonyms for analphabetic

an illiterate person who does not know the alphabet

relating to or expressed by a writing system that is not alphabetic

not alphabetic

having little acquaintance with writing


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In conclusion, what would have been an appropriate anarchist visual aesthetic for public art in the first half of the twentieth century, one which would have served the frequently analphabetic masses in the era of the Mexican, Russian and Spanish Revolutions and not just the intellectuals?
For Ximenez, highland Maya discourse (analphabetic, anonymous, recitational) ran contrary to European expectations (written, authored, redemonstrable).
Had Carlier understood that here only children under one year of age need be analphabetic, he would have never advocated exterminating all the natives, or so I would like to believe.
For better or for worse, such "Aw-shucks" analphabetic ignorance is part of his leadership profile and accruing lore.