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Synonyms for analogous

Synonyms for analogous

possessing the same or almost the same characteristics

Synonyms for analogous

similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar

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corresponding in function but not in evolutionary origin

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Analogously to rational maxima is interesting to consider existence of irrational maxima, which in opposition to rational one, must correspond to minimal interaction between parts of the system and to its maximal stability.
Holbrook begins with an epigraph from Marian Engel's cross-species eroto-CanClassic Bear that claims "joy is tiring," and the epigraph's associative border-crossing transgression sets the right tone for Holbrook's analogously strange and wonderful linguistic transgressions and revealing substitutions.
These initial oils and watercolours instead relate to their models analogously to the activity of an assistant under a master in a renaissance studio.
When the wavelength of the laser light exactly matches the path length inside the waveguide, the waves superimpose and create a resonance, which acts analogously with the whispering gallery.
4], we can again complete the weighting of C analogously as in the second paragraph.
Dodds begins by examining immutability as perceived in finite creatures before proceeding to show how immutability is predicated analogously of God.
Clearly that each singleton {n} = ]n - 1,n + 1[ is open (0 < n < [omega]) and analogously, {0} is open.
Analogously, chronic exposure to toxic or carcinogenic environmental substances does not elicit the same results in all individuals.
v] (e) is defined analogously, see [1, 7, 8, 9] for details.
Analogously for every advance function [tau] ([theta]), the equation
From Dickinson he finds ways to imagine versions of delight and pleasure analogously composed to pain and grief and able to challenge the inevitability of pain's persuasiveness.
developed through prolonged points of intercultural contact" as one modality through which "the narrative of the master"--in this case Britain--could be recast and thereby re-imagined (29, 26), Analogously, although coming from the other direction as it were, Geoffrey Nash, in "Friend's Across the Water: British Orientalists and Middle Eastern Nationalisms," examines "the identification of English travelers with specific oriental peoples and societies in nineteenth and early twentieth century travel and political writing" (87) as an identification that renders Orientalist/imperialist discourses unstable, even fractured, opening them up to "counter-Orientalist/anti-imperialist ones" (93).
In this exhibition, analogously, the written materials overwhelm the art.
Analogously, the five most courteous cities in terms of people's reported driving behavior were (in descending order) Portland, Pittsburgh, Seattle/ Tacoma, St.
If Kohn, Meer, and Todd argue that the transatlanticism of Uncle Tom's Cabin made it a different text, I would say analogously, that this collection of essays makes Stowe herself into a different author than the one most literary scholars have known, and this freshness contributes to the book's appeal.