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Synonyms for analogous

Synonyms for analogous

possessing the same or almost the same characteristics

Synonyms for analogous

similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar

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corresponding in function but not in evolutionary origin

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Analogously to rational maxima is interesting to consider existence of irrational maxima, which in opposition to rational one, must correspond to minimal interaction between parts of the system and to its maximal stability.Work [1] suppose that irrational maxima correspond to minima in rational numbers distribution.
Analogously, in the auditory cortex, neurons within a column get tuned to the same frequency.
I wish to offer a modest suggestion to my Muslim friends, namely, that when they wish to refer to the deity while writing or speaking English they use the English word "God" (or analogously in other European languages, such as Gott, Dieu, ...), and not the Arabic word "Allah." The reason for the suggestion is that, given the vast ignorance concerning, to say nothing of rampant bad will toward, Islam today, many Christians, and Jews, will mistakenly think that Muslims do not believe in the same God they believe in, that is, the one and only God, creator of all that exists.
Analogously, maybe the cores were locked for a reason?
Holbrook begins with an epigraph from Marian Engel's cross-species eroto-CanClassic Bear that claims "joy is tiring," and the epigraph's associative border-crossing transgression sets the right tone for Holbrook's analogously strange and wonderful linguistic transgressions and revealing substitutions.
When the wavelength of the laser light exactly matches the path length inside the waveguide, the waves superimpose and create a resonance, which acts analogously with the whispering gallery.
Analogously as above, set w([v.sub.1][v.sub.2]) = [s'.sub.1], w([v.sub.2]) = 1 and w([v.sub.2][v.sub.3]) = [s'.sub.3] to obtain [c.sub.w]([v.sub.2]) = [l.sub.2].
Dodds begins by examining immutability as perceived in finite creatures before proceeding to show how immutability is predicated analogously of God.
Clearly that each singleton {n} = ]n - 1,n + 1[ is open (0 < n < [omega]) and analogously, {0} is open.
It is defined as [PI.sub.v](G) = [summation over (e=uv[member of]E(G))] [[n.sub.u](e) + [n.sub.v](e)], where [n.sub.u](e) denotes the number of vertices lying closer to the vertex u than the vertex v, and [n.sub.v] (e) is defined analogously, see [1, 7, 8, 9] for details.
Analogously for every advance function [tau] ([theta]), the equation
From Dickinson he finds ways to imagine versions of delight and pleasure analogously composed to pain and grief and able to challenge the inevitability of pain's persuasiveness.
the province of the printed book." In this exhibition, analogously, the written materials overwhelm the art.
Analogously, the five most courteous cities in terms of people's reported driving behavior were (in descending order) Portland, Pittsburgh, Seattle/ Tacoma, St.
On the remarks over the weekend by former Defense Agency chief Gen Nakatani, Fukuda told a House of Councillors Budget Committee session, ''Even if he was talking analogously...I think it was not really an appropriate wording.''