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Synonyms for analogous

Synonyms for analogous

possessing the same or almost the same characteristics

Synonyms for analogous

similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar

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corresponding in function but not in evolutionary origin

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Analogously, although ordinary water demonstrates a sharp transition between liquid and vapor phases that's obvious when water boils, that crisp distinction vanishes beyond the temperature and pressure conditions known as the critical point.
Analogously, spiritual capital includes formal education through organized religion, as well as influences from family and social interactions.
Joan's story becomes the means by which a host of writers better known for other works "comment analogously on--and thus construct, control, and direct--the fate of the modern author.
Analogously, material culture promises happiness and authenticity through the accumulation and fetishization of goods.
While rape is defined analogously, the UCR Program measures the crime against women only, and the NCVS measures it against both sexes.
It functions analogously to "male political chastity" in its emphasis on autonomy and integrity (57).
60) Analogously, I am suggesting that the borders of the modern and the postmodern are also "too multiple, too polyvalent, too irreducible, too uncontainable to identify, define or determine," and thus the boundary remains a secret (but not a Secret).
He is described as a man of high intellect and acute sensitivity to those with views that differ from his own, A survivor of September 11 in Manhattan, Archbishop Williams has spoken and written extensively of his experience, in words which, if analogously applied to the church, give cause for optimism about the tone of his leadership.
The nozzles consist of small, stainless steel plates which are manufactured analogously to the melt blown spin-die manifold.
The nanotechnology platform works analogously to a DVD player, with labeled sequences on the DNA strand moving past a fixed point that reads and identifies the sequences in real-time.
Analogously, her understanding of Dante's constant allusion to the Inferno as a "bocca" is well paralleled in the illustrations from Chartres and Troyes, etc.
That's the best definition I've ever heard, and I think it applies to intellectual capital management analogously and knowledge management.
This is mentioned analogously for examining the relationship between privacy and records because both require a suspension of current beliefs -- together with a willingness to examine carefully the opportunities, methods, and standards that will provide improved practices.
The responsibility for the protection of human subjects from research risks is given to Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) or other analogously named committees.