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Synonyms for analogous

Synonyms for analogous

possessing the same or almost the same characteristics

Synonyms for analogous

similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar

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corresponding in function but not in evolutionary origin

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The technical difficulty now in isolating hantaviruses is analogous to that encountered 30 years ago with dengue viruses.
Goswami & Mead (1992) provided support for this by showing that children's performance on auditory tests of rhyme and alliteration skill was closely related to their ability to read words that were analogous with written clue words whose pronunciation was provided by the experimenter.
Because data can be safely extended to analogous sites within a region, the ecosystem maps can eliminate duplication of sampling, monitoring, and other research efforts.
This is a demanding but very rewarding book that might be seen as adjudicating the "quarrel of the ancients and moderns." Harris shows the relevance of the ancient metaphysics of nature and the mediaeval metaphysics of analogous Being for a coherent comprehension of the categoriality of modern science.
Specifically, TEI recommends that Canada adopt a mechanism similar to that in place in the United Kingdom and issue Tax Certificates of Deposit (TCDs) analogous to those issued by Inland Revenue.
It has been demonstrated that the dynamic hysteric heating of treated rubber-filled polyurethane composites is lower than for analogous non-treated rubber composites.
Presenting its grim, powerful message at a time when the initial success of the Arias peace plan has offered hope to those inclined to be hopeful, it has an effect on the reader analogous to that of Guatemala's most important human rights group, the Mutual Support Group, or GAM, as it is known.
This molecule is analogous to the company's lead asset CLR 131 which delivers therapeutic iodine in the form of iodine-131 rather than diagnostic iodine-124 to the tumors.
In this book, Andrea Ponsi gives readers a melding of academic and scientific researcher focused on the principle of analogous design, using connections between disciplines to drive creativity.
The creature's four fleshy appendages contained bones analogous to the upper- and lower-limb bones of all subsequent tetrapods.
If such analogous experiences have no power, then why does every student's performance of a baroque minuet spontaneously improve after I've taught them the dance steps?
Like other PolyJet systems, the Eden500V employs a "clean" modeling process analogous to ink-jet printing.
And while some people might have thought that "T-Box" was in some ways analogous to the "X-Box" gaming system, what's really different here is that whereas there is a Microsoft-delivered physical hardware for the game, with regard to T-Box--now officially known as "Windows Mobile for Automotive"--it is a software platform, although there is a hardware reference design associated with it.
For more than forty years Richard Tuttle has worked along analogous lines, offering art as an uncompromised experience of seeing over and above its translation into discourse or its circumscription in analysis.