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Synonyms for analogize

Synonyms for analogize

make an analogy


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Mystical theology maintains that the transfer by which one's feelings form a pair with God's is a prereflexive, predicative operation, an analogizing grasp-not an intuition--by which God's feelings are apprehended as belonging to God, for the same reason that my own feelings are mine.
Rather than analogizing to predatory pricing, they are best compared with tying, whose foreclosure effects are similar.
The Service spent considerable time analogizing direct labor costs under Regs.
3.1, following such central Jewish authorities as Rashi (on BT Niddah 34a, last line) and Maimonides (Laws of Death-Impurity 1.13), explain the Gentiles' exclusion not by analogizing them to the Israelites of 7.1 but, rather, by analogizing them to animals.
"Skills associated with music-pattern-forming and pattern recognition, kinesthetic ability, imaging, aesthetic sensibility, analogizing and analysis-and indeed an understanding of music itself-have often been important components of the correlative talents of many famous scientists" (Root-Bernstein, p.
And he engaged in simplistic analogizing that did nothing to improve the quality of his decisions.
Situational realism is somewhat damaged by Foley's weighted inverse analogizing of the activities of the foursome with what one chapter, descriptive of Derry, calls "the widely used sobriquet 'Maiden City.'" Early on, the "spectre of the sluggish matron" becomes in Marie the "radiance of the mettlesome maid"; Helen has, pointedly, kept her maiden name; ever the epigrammatist, Foley tells us that "Ignominy is the most faithful handmaiden of Eros." While this is contrived irony, the true irony of the novel concerns the eventual lapse of libertinage into personal insecurities and anxieties over foreplay, impotence and venereal disease.
Coleridge emerges from this protracted analogizing somewhere between Levinas and Ricoeur, drawn to the opposing psychological and metaphysical destinies of 'a Ricoeurean dialectic of self-othering and [...] a Levinasian annihilation of the ego' (p.
"The demand for coherence.., must require analogizing [the particular judgment] to other particular judgments directly....
Beginning with the distortions intrinsic to analogizing human behavior with that of "intelligent" machines, Clark tackles an array of problems, from how environment and e xperience shape the brain to the ways we think about identity, meaning and conflict, to peaceful processes for healing and adaptive social change.
With the exception of analogizing insurance to a lottery, which has a certain madcap appeal, all of these ways of thinking have merit.
Humanist, announced Christian, citizen-of-the-world, most pigmentationally aware -- these analogizing terms are behind much of the present collection.
This is especially true given how analogizing from economics and, to a lesser extent, cognitive psychology has been the predominant means of scholarly innovation in accounting over the last two or three decades.
So what I'm analogizing is that knowledge management is the direct connection from each employee to the organization.