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Synonyms for analogize

Synonyms for analogize

make an analogy


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I have been particular with chapter I, first, because it focuses directly on Burke, and especially on Burke's Enquiry, and thus provides the pattern to which the subsequent widely ranging chapters ask to be related; and, second, because close study of this chapter is necessary to discover Gibbons' mode of reading against the grain and then of using the resonant terms thus explicated to segue between and analogize among the aesthetic, philosophical, and political registers.
The government analogizes this profile to the common terrorist.
Amy Denver symbolically underscores Sethe's relationship to the broader community of enslaved people as she analogizes Sethe to a drowned man: "'Well I was just fishing there and a nigger floated right by me.
The pat answers of revealed religions and syllogistic-reasoning addicts are anathema to Novarina, struck as he is by the diversity, inventiveness, and motility of the human mind, ergo theater, which he analogizes to both a zoo and a circus.
As the interpolations suggest, Ferko analogizes Mary's grief over the loss of her Son with the modern heartache of parents losing children to war, drugs, suicide, and hatred.
The second chapter centers on the mythology of the West, pitting the American romanticism of Ralph Waldo Emerson (who takes on the unlikely role of "cowboy" in this equation) against that of the English Walter Pater (who plays the "dandy") in an argument that deftly analogizes the interior and exterior frontiers that form romanticism's unified field of exploration.
This essay argues that in Leviathan, Hobbes is better interpreted as holding a projectivist theory of evaluative thought and discourse, which he explicitly analogizes to a projectivist account of color.
Ferrara analogizes this use of DNA testing to fingerprinting.
He analogizes his effort to Shakespearean criticism.
Consequently, the Service analogizes the home delivery agent's services to those performed by a delivery person who delivers merchandise and is compensated on a "piecework" basis for each package delivered.
Professor Mayer analogizes this to the western notion of not considering equality as inclusive of children's rights.
Diamond Multimedia maintains its stance that the Rio is not a recording device and analogizes the RIAA's claim to outlawing ink jet printers because an individual may print out a personal copy of a newspaper article from a website.
The historical wardrobe commentary analogizes the transformation from the political to a softer, more sensual celebration that Women's Day embraces.