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Synonyms for analogize

Synonyms for analogize

make an analogy


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One more thing: At the start of this essay I analogized those who would deny or break down Jefferson's "wall of separation" between church and state with the biblical story of Joshua and the trumpets breaking down the walls of Jericho.
Interestingly, this priest also analogized the issue of gestational limits on abortion to the story of Herod's slaughter of innocent children in Bethlehem.
Three dark (black or blue) rectangular works, hung one per wall, were abstract markers of interiors and interiority--respectively titled Curtain, Window, and Blinds--that pointedly analogized the ego as a clean, well-lit, and austere professional space.
Obama famously said in 2008 that his campaign could best be analogized to that of Ronald Reagan; the Gipper "changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not," he said.
Suggesting that 1930s Moscow can be (imperfectly) analogized as a new Rome in terms of how intellectuals and cultural producers in the Soviet capital city conceived their relationship as service to the universalizing aims of the highly-centralized Soviet system through the production of superior culture while simultaneously maintaining a cosmopolitan dialogue with cultural producers in other parts of the world, this work explores the role of Moscow as cultural metropole of the Soviet system.
The essayists' critical methodologies vary from new historicism (what and how Twain was reading at the time of composition) to psychoanalysis (the role of dream narratives and the unconscious) to religious readings (how the stranger functioned as religious prophet and how Twain the person was analogized as the biblical Job) and more.
One analyst has analogized their success to that of the Tea Party: "Down the road, the Salafi competition could drag the rest of the political spectrum rightwards." Gulp.
Dionne analogized the demonstrators to radical abolitionists and the cautious Obama to the prudent Lincoln (we should be so lucky).
Allowing a hedge-fund manager to pick the portfolio that he's then betting will fail does seem, as one TV commentator analogized, like letting one team's manager pick the opposing team's starting lineup.
Autumn and Winter have often been analogized with the fading of life and approach of death.
Sara's own survival is less a matter of checkmate and more one of kindness from strangers, while memory's truths are better analogized to her densely woven caned chair.
The performance on stage is thus analogized and paralleled to the protagonist's actual life.
In Notice 2006-24, the Internal Revenue Service asked a series of questions on the business use of these arrangements, including the commercial circumstances that prompt the decision for companies to enter into cross licensing arrangements, the terms of the agreements, other agreements to which CLAs might be analogized, the methods by which industry sets values on the rights to CLAs, and the appropriate U.S.
Hayes rejects the former answer, but as for the latter she does not really develop the point, contenting herself with the notion that "in this regard the Gentile may be analogized to an Israelite before the covenant at Sinai" (p.
WHEN THE LATE WALTER WRISTON was CEO of Citibank, he was a champion of the concept of "Financial Supermarkets." In his famous "String Bag" speech, he analogized the transformation of the former shopping habits of the British housewife with the emerging change (as he saw it) in the behavior of people seeking financial products.