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Synonyms for analogize

Synonyms for analogize

make an analogy


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While it is an inexact science, commentators and observers seek to analogize presidential hopefuls' campaigns to those of prior years, trying to draw parallels between present candidates and those from history.
Egalitarians sometimes analogize socioeconomic opportunities to starting gates, playing fields, and the results of a lottery.
This is definitely not an introductory text, in the sense that the depth of discussion requires what math wonks might analogize as "computational maturity.
By way of convenience, some analogize the role of trial judges to referees.
Ever the philosopher/ scientist/theologian, he would frequently analogize actual to postulating.
How closely can potential claimants analogize themselves to the owner of real estate whose property is fouled by oil-and therefore establish themselves as clear candidates for tort damages because of "property damage"?
We discussed the pitfalls of stereotyping and I encouraged them to analogize the condition of the Roma people to the struggles of Black Americans in the context of de facto segregation and de jure segregation.
where things happened, not to describe, as a novelist might, but to analogize, metaphorize, and to refigure the real and let it tear.
The central events in section two analogize the "mirror stage," or gaze, in Jacques Lacan's construction of ego development (Clark 450).
I have been particular with chapter I, first, because it focuses directly on Burke, and especially on Burke's Enquiry, and thus provides the pattern to which the subsequent widely ranging chapters ask to be related; and, second, because close study of this chapter is necessary to discover Gibbons' mode of reading against the grain and then of using the resonant terms thus explicated to segue between and analogize among the aesthetic, philosophical, and political registers.
15), Alan Tong tries to analogize the Million Moms March attempt to ban guns with a hypothetical situation in which Mothers Against Drunk Driving try to ban cars.
plaintiffs attorneys] will take the facts of the [First Alliance] case and they'll analogize them; that's how this type of litigation plays out.
Hey, I'm game--I can analogize with the best of 'em.
Many courts recognizing the privilege analogize the protection of sensitive investigative techniques from disclosure to the privilege to protect the identity of confidential informants from disclosure.
This is reminiscent of the weird humor of cave tours--the human tendency to analogize things into recognizable shapes (like the "bacon and eggs formation," the "scooby-doo formation," the "holy family formation" of tours I have been on).