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Synonyms for analogize

Synonyms for analogize

make an analogy


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Before coming to the overdeterrence question, it is worth reflecting for a moment on an alternative to analogizing bundled discounts to predatory pricing, which is to analogize them to unlawful tie-ins.
plaintiffs attorneys] will take the facts of the [First Alliance] case and they'll analogize them; that's how this type of litigation plays out.
Hey, I'm game--I can analogize with the best of 'em.
Many courts recognizing the privilege analogize the protection of sensitive investigative techniques from disclosure to the privilege to protect the identity of confidential informants from disclosure.
The final chapter returns to the much-discussed issue of parallels between Beowulf and Grettis saga, discerning five separate episodes in the latter that not only analogize Beowulf's monstrous battles but also form the structural core of the saga.
The law always attempts to analogize new media to old media, and at this point it has established a rough set of correspondences between Inter-net agencies and persons engaged in traditional communications:
Many proponents of wastewater recycling contribute to confusion by attempting to analogize between land treatment and one or more methods of disposal or utilization.
I analogize to a reader going to the library and getting a back issue.
While it is an inexact science, commentators and observers seek to analogize presidential hopefuls' campaigns to those of prior years, trying to draw parallels between present candidates and those from history.
Kaysen's invitation to analogize between the vessels was both underscored and complicated by the exhibition title "Look Long, Look in Vain," suggesting that even within formal and technical sameness, inscrutability persists.
Part 2 explains nine reasoning techniques for applying law: apply the rule's plain language, imply, infer, clarify, hypothesize, characterize, analogize, quantify, and evaluate opposing arguments.
Wilfred Samuels and Clenora Hudson-Weems analogize Paul D's state to a living death: "His daily life was a totentaz, a death (chain) dance th at ended in his symbolic entombment in a wooden prison at the end of each day" (125).
The extent that Boies was trying to analogize this to the Betamax case should have sent a shiver up the MPAA's spine," says music litigation and intellectual property attorney Larry Iser.
The stories are told--and probably embellished --to teach, entertain, or analogize a point.
I analogize this to giving students too much homework.