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Synonyms for analogize

Synonyms for analogize

make an analogy


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Reich contends, "Every time you hear an American politician analogize the nation's budget to a family budget (as, sadly, even President Obama has done), you should know the politician is not telling the truth." Misplaced priorities and untruths ignite fears that only compound the economic challenges.
Comments about the Roma people offered by students were, "They commit crimes, don't work and have babies to live off the state," and "I do not attend school with Roma people nor do I want my children to be educated with them." We discussed the pitfalls of stereotyping and I encouraged them to analogize the condition of the Roma people to the struggles of Black Americans in the context of de facto segregation and de jure segregation.
I had to go in, as into an excavation, through the hot weather, the beach, the bedroom, the hospital, the condominium, etc., where things happened, not to describe, as a novelist might, but to analogize, metaphorize, and to refigure the real and let it tear.
Maybe it is better simply to analogize bundled discounting to ordinary predatory pricing.
(66) Pending such guidance, taxpayers are asked to analogize as best they can about how to treat corporate service recipients.
The central events in section two analogize the "mirror stage," or gaze, in Jacques Lacan's construction of ego development (Clark 450).
If the answer is "a little bit," then think about how you can analogize the issues you are facing in your electronic process to the hardcopy process with which the judge may be more familiar.
Perhaps we should rename the column "Guys Q&A with Dave and The Bard." Hey, I'm game--I can analogize with the best of 'em.
Many courts recognizing the privilege analogize the protection of sensitive investigative techniques from disclosure to the privilege to protect the identity of confidential informants from disclosure.
The stories are told--and probably embellished --to teach, entertain, or analogize a point.
The final chapter returns to the much-discussed issue of parallels between Beowulf and Grettis saga, discerning five separate episodes in the latter that not only analogize Beowulf's monstrous battles but also form the structural core of the saga.
The law always attempts to analogize new media to old media, and at this point it has established a rough set of correspondences between Inter-net agencies and persons engaged in traditional communications:
Many proponents of wastewater recycling contribute to confusion by attempting to analogize between land treatment and one or more methods of disposal or utilization.
"I analogize to a reader going to the library and getting a back issue.
Just a few days ago he warned faculty and students that he had caught an otherwise respectable newspaper with the word "analogize." What's worse, reported Professor M., is that the word is listed in the dictionary.