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someone who looks for analogies or who reasons by analogy

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Seger and his Silver Bullet Band rode the song to fame back in the analogist era of the early 1970s, when rockers vied to get their pictures on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and had no recourse to other fame-making tools such as Instagram and Facebook.<br />But the real rockers of the day toured the country, or at least their corner of the country, by one type of wheeled automotive vehicle or another.
James's necessary high-handedness here follows the Emersonian tradition of Self Reliance: 'Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.' (6) The same oppositional stance energizes what James reports Emerson protesting in 1842 to audiences who wanted to label him 'Transcendentalist': 'I am not the man you take me for.' (7) But beneath both denials lies the implication of a possible accord, endorsed in 'Nature' (1836): 'man is an analogist, and studies relations in all objects'.
ACROSS: 1 Wretch 5 Spots 8 Sage 10 Scraped 15 Ability 16 Phoniest 17 Lamented 18 Biased 21 Grander 24 Spell 27 Yeti 33 Flora 34 Aunt 35 Objector 36 Tripe 37 Inhaler 38 Aspect 41 Rosenthal 44 Epoch 46 Neritina 48 Tabaret 50 Safeness 51 Buff 52 Kicks 54 Leper 56 Sign 60 Paddling 61 Ponchos 64 Effigies 68 Pearl 69 Analogist 74 Agrees 76 Acetate 77 Tribe 78 Accounts 79 Idle 80 Taint 81 Reel 84 Stash 87 Ageless 90 Causes 93 Boldness 94 Biblical 95 Campari 96 Cyanide 97 Star 98 Adieu 99 Scroll.
The analogist position retailed or constructed by Varro has it that `we will follow those who call us to attend to usage, if it is the correct [`rectam'] sort: for in this too there is analogy [`in eo quoque enim est analogia `d; but if they summon as to attend to corrupt [`depravata'] usage, we will not, unless we have to, any more than we follow bad examples in other matters: for we do follow them, too, against our will, if we are under duress' (IX 18).
The war had been kept short, and American casualties were relatively low, thus containing any would-be Vietnam analogists and permitting the president to declare victory over Saddam Hussein and the legacies of Vietnam.