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As in Aquinas's view analogy is closer to equivocity than to univocity,(55) so is its unity to be found not in the single concept but in the single reality to which all the analogates bear some proportion, order, or relation.(56) Urine, medicine, and food can all be called healthy, by extension, because we judge them to have an intelligible relation to the single reality of animal health, which is the most natural subject for the predicate "healthy." A meaning gets extended analogically when a word is used to name a secondary analogate precisely because it is judged to have an intelligible relation to the primary analogate.
It's a thought-world that works allusively, metaphorically and analogically, though always also concretely.
First, and foremost, Shibli's relationship with his step-mother did not develop in the absence of his own mother, his father marrying the second time while Shibli's mother was still alive - which would analogically suggest that culturally our relationship with the mother-tongue, despite the colonial imposition of English at that time was still organically intact.
Analogically speaking, David may take out Goliath again.
The Christian religion considers the entrance to the invisible world analogically as a narrow door through which only individuals free of sin can enter.
'The service can function analogically to anti-virus software, which gets automatically updated when new drones enter the market.'
The aim is ,,to descend to the level of analogically connected concepts, to religious terms." It is especially about concepts analogically connected and their features.
The Reformation wager was that the orders of reality were not to be understood analogically (as Aristotle and the Roman Catholic Church, from Aquinas onward, had insisted) but rather historically.
Speaking analogically, the SBP does not have enough water to spray on the flames of uncertainty that engulf the rupee.
Analogically speaking, political relationships among nuclear
It is also analogically interesting because when waves collide, you get conflict, you get cross-currents.
significant vestige of the myth of an analogically ordered
Analogically, in music harmonic variations may be introduced to the theme in order to enhance the aesthetic quality of the sound.
In this regard, a hermeneutic of anticipation also obligates a set of hermeneutic practices which take the reader outside the dramatic bounds of the text itself, not to interpret texts based on non-present information, but rather to consider them analogically within the larger developments anticipated by the Christian religious framework, including the eschatological dimensions of the resurrection.