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expressing, composed of, or based on an analogy

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The researcher coded the content of mothers' utterances according to categories for scaffolding children's analogical and metacognitive thinking.
After that, at the sending moment of the control command, CONTROL RGB LEDs, analogical signals [A.
Empirical studies on the modeling behaviors of information analysts showed that four modeling behaviors set expert and novice information analysts apart: model-based reasoning, mental simulation, critical testing of hypotheses, and analogical domain knowledge reuse.
In this light, a linguistic transcultural model in an analogical and discursive configuration takes into account and refurbishes the indigenously inspired Asian theory of interpretation with regards to the Confucian investigation of external things and the extension of knowledge (drawing upon Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming).
This way during the activity the sportive can follow each value of these parameters on the screen, optionally in digital or analogical way.
However, one can distinguish two important onlook categories: 1) analogical onlooks and 2) parabolic onlooks.
In law school, we were taught to avoid 'legal embryology'-the tendency to pick out concepts and interpret them without regard for their proper place in the complexity of the legal system or argument; in my many years as a lawyer who dealt regularly with the media, I could very well see journalists sometimes falling into the analogical habit of 'journalistic embryology,' if I may call it that.
Tenders are invited for Analogical pt 100 asi aktor sensor as per specification mentioned tender enquiry
Our two central hypotheses about how to achieve this are (1) analogical reasoning and learning are central to cognition, and (2) qualitative representations provide a level of description that facilitates reasoning, learning, and communication.
Analogical reasoning (AR) rests on these similarities to draw further conclusions, thus, AR is defined as the ability to perceive and use these similarities.
system of analogical correspondences that structured Renaissance
At the core of Anderson's argument is a reading of analogy or analogical thinking from Aristotle inherited by Bacon, Galileo, and Descartes.
In particular, he draws on the concept of the Trinity to bolster his ontology of mathematics and he uses Van Til's analogical approach with an oft-repeated refrain that we are "thinking God's thoughts after him.
It is an extension of a previous proposal introduced by Vilarinho (2013), as well as a presentation of partial results from the project titled "Informatized Analogical Portuguese Dictionary", supported by the Brazilian Research Foundation FAP-DF.