analog-digital converter

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device for converting analogue signals into digital signals

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By using a light-source, photodetector, amplifier, and an analog-digital converter with sophisticated software routines, Pelton was able to analyze the blinking behavior of numerous dots at once.
Their topics include integrated analog signal processing readout front ends for particle detectors, low-noise detectors through incremental sigma-delta analog-digital converters, digital pulse-processing techniques for X-ray, silicon photo-multipliers for high-performance scintillation crystal readout applications, and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor image sensors for radiation detection.
He has revised little of the previous material, but has added chapters on analog-digital converters and an overview of the demodulation of digital signals as it is performed in the digital domain.
Today, illumination sensors are available with luminous efficiency correction (LEG) filters or analog-digital converters (ADC).