analog-digital converter

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device for converting analogue signals into digital signals

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The new LSI, TMPN3120A20M, doubles communication speeds, and adds to functionality with a 16-kilobyte read-only memory, 3-channel analog-digital converter and an Enhanced communication port.
An optimized analog-digital converter and pixel design also produce less noise and contribute to better image quality, realizing that the new devices match the performance of CCDs with a similar pixel count at minimum scene illumination levels as low as three lux.
Most new analog-digital converter designs use a 192kHz sample rate and many also specify a 24-bit dynamic range.
The extended peripheral set includes a MultiCAN module with up to four CAN (Controller Area Network) nodes and Time Triggered CAN (TTCAN) functionality, a fast analog-digital converter module operating at ten times the conversion speed of previous models, and an innovative high-speed serial interface.
However, digital control requires analog-digital converters (ADCs), which boosts system power consumption by 39%.
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