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Synonyms for analog

something having the property of being analogous to something else

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of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input

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The MediaPack 1288 is part of the AudioCodes One Voice for Hospitality portfolio, which includes analog telephony adaptors (ATA), demarcation devices (Session Border Controllers and multi-service business routers), IP phones, and monitoring and managements solutions.
The partnership between Digium and Critical Links includes analog telephony cards (4-, 8- and 24-part analog cards) and digital telephony cards (single-, dual- and quad-span T1/E1 cards and ISDN BRI cards).
Telecommunications services in the field of fixed, mobile, data, migration of analog telephony to IP, PBX and terminal renovation.
The new PRI/T1/E1 PBX interface and the analog FXS interfaces provide the maximum flexibility for connecting legacy PBXs and other analog telephony devices to the IP network.
The companies are jointly providing an analog telephony adapter (ATA) that enables conventional, analog fax machines to connect to the etherFAX network, leveraging digital communications.
Tenors sophisticated call routing and programmable interfaces allow the integration of analog telephony devices and trunks IP telephony network.
This procurement is for the supply, installation, implementation and maintenance of a system of functionally homogeneous telephony mainly based on technical IP telephony (2,000 jobs), while maintaining compatibility with analog telephony to keep (2000 lines for fax, alarms), and seamless integration of a number of positions also provide digital (300 lines), and compatibility with GSM-campus approach.
248 (MEGACO) as well as TDM and analog telephony services.
The Intel CAP 24-120 reference design with accompanying voice-enabled analog telephony mezzanine boards using Legerity voice solutions will be available in the second quarter of 2007.
As a major edition, this release supports a new 2-port low-profile PCI form factor analog telephony adapter, Diva Analog-2P as well as PCI-Express variants of Diva ISDN PRI boards.