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Synonyms for analog

something having the property of being analogous to something else

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of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input

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That saves the extra step of checking data integrity, which is necessary when using regular analog lines.
The company's SOHO product enables small and home offices to easily and affordably create and manage their phone system, using traditional analog lines, as well as VoIP services.
This project is for the Phase 2 VoIP implementation to complete deployment of new Cisco IP telephones and analog lines to replace the remaining Avaya telephones and analog lines on the UCB campus.
Tenders are invited for UCB IP Telephone Deployment-deployment Of New Cisco Ip Telephones And Analog Lines To Replace The Existing Avaya Telephones And Analog Lines On
Lot # 2: Telecom Fixed telephony servicesTelephone access the main site of type analog lines, ISDN basic access (T0), ISDN primary access (T2) and SIP trunk and routing of incoming and outgoing traffic of the access.
Hits 5 T0 (30 SDA), 6 T2 (SDA 500 - 180 channels), 170 analog lines, one connecting analog leased between 56 June and during the Mal 204 Avenue Labarde.
Contract award: Replacing Digistream Connections and analog lines (Connect 2 ELAN).
The IP PBX allows companies to make calls using traditional analog lines, as well as VoIP services.