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Synonyms for sampling

items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

measurement at regular intervals of the amplitude of a varying waveform (in order to convert it to digital form)

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34-35) I wrote, "I would not be surprised to see a special audio CD player soon that is endowed with a built-in microchip and firmware dedicated to the task of decompressing and converting MP3 audio into analog format....
By capturing the imagery in the analog format, the viewer is able to watch the recorded videotape in an office setting and see the selected route as if he or she were in the airplane.
The organizations were concerned about the possibility of rampant piracy of their intellectual property rights, because unlike videocassette recorders -- which use an analog format -- DVD recording machines use a digital format that reproduces high-definition images.
It's compatible with all of the approved Advanced Television Standards Committee digital broadcast formats, plus the existing NTSC analog format. The device will be on show at Comdex in Las Vegas in a few weeks time.
Second, it holds vastly more video and audio data per side than the large-disc analog format. While a CLV LaserVideo disc (LD) can contain no more than 60 minutes of video and audio on a side (CAV versions can only hold 30 minutes), the DVD can hold over 130 minutes of full-motion A/V program material per side with single-layer encoding and can add nearly 110 more with dual-layering (which encodes a second layer below a semi-transparent first layer), and double the total again if both sides of the disc are used.
Many displays that in the past would have been in analog format are now being designed with digital readouts.
Japan led the world in developing high definition television with its Hi-Vision system, which had an analog format.
The data may be recorded in digital or analog format. The recording media may be magnetic, solid state, optical or an exotic blend of other forms of energy and matter.
It means receiving services and products hitherto impossible in the analog format. These new products and services will transform the ways we practice medicine and the ways we manage health care.
Additionally, the town asks Verizon to define how digital cable will affect PEG access broadcasts, given that current PEG access programs are broadcast in analog format.
"It was still in the analog format, but you could connect the cameras and monitors to it and automatically or manually switch from one camera to another," notes Jeff Kiuchi, a product specialist at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Security Products in Irvine, CA.
This means that 92% of the world's data is now born digital while just 8% is created in analog format. E-mail is presently generating about 400 petabytes of digital data per year, making it perhaps the most storage-intensive application.
The new graphic display features 21 generator parameters in digital or analog format. A one-line diagram permits the operator to understand the entire power system at a glance.
The large readout is capable of displaying information in a digital or analog format. A wide range of keypad accessible features includes tolerances, presets, actual values, etc.