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a clock that displays the time of day by the position of hands on a dial

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Of course this sedan has the Infiniti-signature oval analog clock built into the dash, just in case you were wondering.
Although only part of the book is devoted to teaching time, the book does illustrate a way for teachers to explain time by relating a number line to an analog clock.
They've even included the obligatory dash-mounted analog clock.
Fuzzy, for example, is a birch analog clock wrapped in marabou feathers.
Prior to 1970, spectrometer readouts came out on a strip chart recorder, or analog clock.
Cobasoft Clock is a tiny analog clock that lives in the system tray.
On the outside, there are some changes to the grille and head and tail lamps, inside, the most noticeable item is the new analog clock.
Unlike the circular, analog clock, which shows time in relation to its past and future, the digital clock reconfigures time only in relation to another precise unit of information.
3): Indoor Air Quality Sensors, Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities for Synchronous Network System (SNS)[TM] Digital Clocks, and the Square Traditional Series, a new contemporary analog clock styling.
You can see the time as an analog clock, old alarm clock or digital clock, while the weather can show the temperature, too.
The Sonic Boom Analog Alarm Clock with Super Shaker[TM] Bed Shaker is an analog clock featuring a loud pulsating alarm (up to 113 decibels) accompanied by a sharp blue backlight that flashes when the alarm rings.
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson invites us to imagine the Earth's billion plus years of formation as a mere 24 hours on an analog clock, which helps viewers understand time as an astrophysicist sees it--in discrete packages with definitive events.
Clock Books, a series of interactive soundbooks, take young readers through an action-packed day as they are prompted to set the hands of a built-in analog clock to correspond with the time in the story.
The black matte case has rounded corners and a raised bezel that stylishly surrounds the analog clock with black-and-white dial.
Other artifacts include a World Trade Center recovery worker uniform; recovery tools and personal artifacts from Ground Zero; damaged structural elements and fragments from the Pentagon; and an analog clock frozen at the time of impact.