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a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region

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In a narrative conclusion, Mr Roberts said: "The deceased was at her home address when, at some time after 2.30am, she was taken from her cot to a double bed where she was anally penetrated.
Sims' commitment to lifelong learning is evidenced in her personal educational journey, progressing from diploma nursing program graduate in 1969, completion of a baccalaureate degree in nursing in 1987, then a master's degree in nursing in 1992, and, Anally, the achievement of a doctoral degree in education in 2012.
Reckoning that the rectal lining of the louse is chitinous and so can withstand mechanical trauma, Weigl inoculated lice anally with these rickettsiae.
And the Editor's Choice is: "Yep, I do and do it quite well-despite having one hand tied behind my back by the plague of overwhelmingly odious regulations and the scourge of auditors anally focused on the barn door rather than where the horse is heading." -Rebecca Moore
By adding Tea Tree Oil and Garlic Bulb Extract Anally patients with unsightly nails are not causing more harm covering with an occlusive polish.
SB335--This bill, which the WVSMA has supported for the past three years, will Anally go into effect May 27, 2015.
Hagner had testified that Doe also claimed that Engelhardt had anally raped him for five hours inside the sacristy of St.
One of St George's tortures, his being set upon a sharp-pointed 'bucket seat' and anally impaled, is clearly pornographic as well as sadistic.
Not only did he have to acquire his sources, but he had to And expertise in translating them and Anally, he had to determine what was fact and what was fiction or propaganda.
The ball of obscurity or devious black-magical power denies us the visual pleasure of ascertaining whether the Murphy figure is vaginally or anally penetrating her/him.
is a Uruguayan army unit under the command of an anally retentive officer named Alverez.
I've never been anally probed by aliens, I don't have that fear.
Her thoughts on fur coats sum her love for animals up: "Why would you wear something that has been skinned alive, anally electrocuted, that makes you look fat when you wear it and you smell like a dog on a rainy day?".
On top of that, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the CDC have Anally recommended flu vaccine for everyone.