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capable of relieving pain

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Under the clinical suspicion of triggered atypical trigeminal neuralgia by an external oral and maxillofacial surgeon, she received one transoral GLOA at the left GCS (ganglion cervicale superius) in a private oral and maxillofacial practice without using an analgetic specific medication (without a documented reason) before.
The analgetic solution spreads within the cervical region to adjacent levels since the paravertebral space communicates freely [22], which allows local injection at one level that can achieve the same beneficial effect.
Along with the ongoing debate regarding the effect of anaesthetic and analgetic drugs on malignancy recurrence, reported data tend to support the use of propofol based anaesthesia due to a lesser immune suppressive effect [14-16].
We believe that routine use of analgetic comedication with NSAID (metamizole), paracetamol, and/or piritramide was sufficient enough to compensate the putative loss of late catheter function.
The physiological reactions of organism that occur after the whole-body cryotherapy include analgetic, antiswelling, immune and circulatory system reactions, and beneficial effect in lipids profile [9,10].
Mice (weigh 20-22 g) were anesthetized by intraperitoneal injection (i.p.) of sodium pentobarbital (50 mg/kg; Sigma-Aldrich, Munich, Germany) supplemented with buprenorphine hydrochloride analgetic (0.1 mg/kg; Sigma-Aldrich).
Number of patients 33 Gender (male/female) (%) 17/16 (52/48) Average age at time of transplantation (years) 38 (1-65) Average time on HU status (days) 71 (0-967) Etiology of renal insufficiency Reflux nephropathy 8 Glomerulonephritis 6 IgA nephropathy 4 Diabetic nephropathy 3 Polycystic kidney disease 3 Vascular nephropathy 3 Analgetic nephropathy 2 Other 4 Indication for high-urgency renal transplantation (%) Lack of dialysis access 22 (67%) Psychological problems 5 (15%) Hemodialysis problems 4(12%) Uremic polyneuropathy 2 (6%) Table 2: Characteristics of the 33 high-urgency renal transplant recipients assessed in our study.
Biochemical and clinical evidence that aspirin-intolerant asthmatic subjects tolerate the cyclooxygenase 2-selective analgetic drug celecoxib.