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capable of relieving pain

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In case of Harpagophytum extracts, it is widely accepted that harpagoside is the major active constituent being responsible for the analgetic and antiphlogistic potential, since in vitro studies in human whole blood showed that the inhibition of the biosynthesis of cysteinyl-leukotrienes strongly depended on the harpagoside content, whereas extract fractions without harpagoside had no effects (Loew et al.
Johnson, best known for his expertise in analgetic receptor technology, enjoyed a twenty-year career in drug development with Pfizer and Glaxo.
Usually non-steroid anti-inflammatories and/or non-salicylic analgetics are used.
In addition to his work on Benadryl, Rieveschl investigated antihistaminic agents, antimalarials, antithyroid agents, analgetics, ganglionic blocking agents, local anesthetics, sympatholytic agents, and synthetic tanning agents.
Johnson is internationally recognized for his discovery of nonclassical cannabinoid analgetics (levonantradol/CP-55,940) and his extensive research resulting in the medicinal chemical conceptualization, biochemical characterization, and the neuroanatomical localization of the cannabinoid receptor.