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absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness

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5% Mepivacaine for Axillary Brachial Plexus Block Improves Postoperative Analgesia Dose-Dependently.
Almost all of the data have unfolded over the past decade or so, so some practitioners may still believe that early neuraxial analgesia increases cesarean delivery rate and/or other adverse outcomes.
Algunos autores [9,10] han reportado la eficacia de las concentraciones bajas de anestesico local con bupivacaina al 0,0625% para la analgesia peridural obstetrica, que son significativamente menores a las utilizadas en el Hospital Universitario San Ignacio (HUSI).
For the evaluation of analgesia score, Kruskal-Wallis test (nonparametric) was used for the comparison of (mean [+ or -] S.
Bupivacaine continues to be the most widely used local anesthetic for labor epidural analgesia because it provides an excellent sensory block.
Duration of analgesia and motor blockade were significantly longer in Group BD than those of Group BF ( P < 0.
Inadequate analgesia results in higher rate of complications and cost of treatment as a consequence of increased patient discomfort and prolonged hospital admission4.
3 mg have been safely used as adjunct to intrathecal local anaesthetic agents for postoperative analgesia after caesarean section, and orthopaedic surgery under spinal anaesthesia.
Ineffective postoperative analgesia after colorectal surgery has been found to prolong postoperative ileus, immobilization, sleep disorders and fatigue, and may delay hospital discharge (1).
Epidural obstetric analgesia has not shown to have an impact on the rate of caesarean sections or neonatal Apgar scores.
A meta-analysis of PIEB compared to CEI for labor analgesia found that on average the use of PIEB was associated with a 12 minute shorter second stage (9).
Conclusion: Using the three methods, analgesia lasted until 12 hours postoperatively, being more evident in the caudal block group, minimising postoperative stress in children and parents.
Objective: To discuss the significance of comprehensive rehabilitation training combined with multimodal analgesia (MMA) for the early knee function recovery of patients with knee bone tumor who underwent prosthesis replacement operation.
Obstetrical and perinatal outcomes in patients with or without obstetric analgesia during labor