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a medication used as a stimulant to the central nervous system

stimulating the central nervous system

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Activity Cholest-8-en-3-ol 1 Adenomatous polyposis treatment (++) 2 Hypolipemic (++) 3 Respiratory analeptic (++) 4 Anti-infertility, female (++) 5 Antieczematic (++) 6 Antipruritic (++) 7 Dermatologie (+) 8 Bone diseases treatment (+) 9 Antiosteoporotic (+) 10 Analeptic (+) 11 Immunosuppressant (+) 12 Prostate disorders treatment (+) 13 Proliferative diseases treatment (-) 14 Chemopreventive (-) 15 Antipsoriatic (-) SL No.
Labour and National, and it partly provides the rationale for the analeptic sequences drawn from 1981, when National was in power, intercepting with the evolving events of 1988 under a Labour government.
However, while this single paragraph, the only example of the narrator's voice in section two, expresses a belief that the events of the lynching have been wrapped up, a distinct discordance remains between the analeptic passage and the deputy's dialogue that makes up the rest of the chapter.
In fact, the range of biologic properties attributed to P major also includes astringent, anesthetic, antihelminthic, analeptic, antihistaminic, antirheumatic, antiviral, antitumor, antiulcer, diuretic, hypotensive, and expectorant activity (Exp.
Parker follows Hawthorne's characters through a (fictionalized) Rome in which "a change of scene neatly coincid[es] with an analeptic jump backward in time" (70).
'Nosing' whisky, a technique employed by blenders, is called sensory evaluation or analeptic assessment.
He combines summary and scene in brief chapters, including both analeptic and proleptic descriptions.
It was also reported that the extract exhibited an anti-inflammatory, anti-cholestatic, analeptic, anti-rheumatic and anti-diabetic properties[2].
In one narrative, through an analeptic retelling, the couple's story is allowed to run from beginning to end, to its proper end, objectively and in the voice of the third person.
The narrator's analeptic remarks foreshadow the future conflict that will arise between Hrothulf and Hrothgar that will eventually destroy Heorot.
Furthermore, if we take Kern at his word and assume that the pervasive "exceptional quality" (7) of his brand of modernism has indeed democratized our world, then the conventional notion that "Realist novels are more readily intelligible on the first reading" (130), presumably along with any and all less exceptional novels that are absent from the study (Waugh, predictably, given the ideology, goes unmentioned, though he is in both good and plentiful company), regurgitated here to the point of supererogation, should be upended, since our post-modernist sensibility would only find their speciously analeptic values more confusing.
Charnot (1945) gave an analeptic recipe from root powder.
Analeptic use in clinical toxicology: a historical appraisal.