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a medication used as a stimulant to the central nervous system

stimulating the central nervous system

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When Roth commits the novel to an analeptic structure, everything is in the nature of flashback.
Meanwhile, narrative encompasses these categories and other multitudes of critical terms, as it organizes events of any character in chronological order, imbricates them, or jumps about in analeptic and proleptic ways.
Such recoveries, as in his solving of Gwion's riddle in 'The Battle of the Trees', often depend not only on Graves's encyclopaedic knowledge of myth and literature, but also on '[a] drop or two of the brew of Inspiration [flying] out of the cauldron', or on '[t]he proleptic or analeptic method of thought' which is, he argues, to be distinguished from, although 'easily confused with mere guessing, or deduction from insufficient data'.
Loeb believes that both the satyr play and Part 4 are to be understood as possessing an analeptic quality that arises from their juxtaposition of the serious with the farcical.
What do atypical antipsychotics, an analeptic, and targeted magnets have in common?
Her constant analeptic reminiscences regarding Greenland, her dead mother and brother keep her in a state of depression and render the text elliptical.
Kermode's book, which reads like a conversation with a favorite professor, is free of jargon--except for one extraordinary sentence: "But the narratologist will distinguish analepses as either homodiegetic or heterodiegetic, according to the status or otherwise of the story affected by the analeptic intrusion.
The fugacious video, which selectively documented a night of performances organized by Kai Althoff and Brandon Stosuy on July 30, 2009, offered a compact metaphor for the analeptic angle that constitutes the exhibition's premise: Works for the annual are chosen by guest curators based on their own experiences of "looking at art in New York in the previous year.
The linearity of the chronological progression is disrupted at this point, an ellipsis separates the image of an indignant Scianatico leaving the courtroom surrounded by his entourage of lawyers, "praticanti e portaborse" (218) [trainees and flunkeys (183)] from the analeptic diegesis with which chapter 8 begins.
Segun ella, es fascinante, cargado de connotaciones simultaneamente eroticas y repulsivas e indica lo vulnerable que es el ser humano; es "a flashback or an analeptic index of a bodily wound .
The main forms are retrospection, or analepsis (the analeptic order of the events a,b,c would be c,b,a), and anticipation, or prolepsis (order of the events c,a,b).