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a collection of excerpts from a literary work

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He probably received encouragement to compete with the editor of the Analectic Magazine, Washington Irving, who wrote several biographies of American naval heroes and published engravings to accompany his articles.
Inman soothes his grueling journey by analectic consultations of Bartram's Travels, and the pages devoted to Ada, Inman's "well read" Penelope (22), bear a certain resemblance to a St.
A morose Irving entered the literary business, where his celebrity could not keep his Analectic Magazine from failing.
[at] Azhar with the analectic Shaykh al-Mahfuz al-Maghribi.
Reader response varies across the centuries, but we may glean a contemporary opinion from the anonymous reviewer of the Philadelphia periodical the Analectic Magazine, who usefully provides a comparison between our two poets:
Philadelphia's Analectic Magazine (1813-21) was chiefly notable for the brief editorship (1813-14) of Washington Irving.