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a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region

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For the truly anal-retentive, remember that your direct heading was to the airport reference point, not the threshold, and you may need to add a degree or two to compensate for runway length.
The celluloid rendered Peretz as an idiosyncratic, anal-retentive editor-in-chief, who, red pen in hand, holds his staff captive to review back issues for incorrect comma usage.
An undercover anal-retentive about order and cleanliness, Dustin kept us on track when it came to the book and what we needed to do.
As for Bernard of Clairvaux, he was a "micromanager," whose Rule for the Templars was "anal-retentive" (12, 13).
In Chancery picks up the tale of the neurotic, anal-retentive
Anal-retentive efficiency experts might not want to team up with characters who'd just as soon cross their bridges only after smacking up against them.
Basically a femme Ferris Bueller's Day Off, it stars the Olsens as prissy anal-retentive Jane (Ashley) and slacker shirker Roxy (Mary-Kate), bickering total opposite siblings forced to help each out when the former has a stolen microchip dumped in her purse while en route to deliver a speech that could earn her a scholarship and the latter plans to crash a music video shoot so she can hand her band's demos to the record label scouts.
And turn a slightly anal-retentive site into an interesting one.
Add a "Miss" to Thing One and Thing Two--plus some anal-retentive drollery from Hayes as the voice of the goldfish--and you've got what looks like a perfect kids' movie for children and their funny uncles to enjoy together.
If keeping track of every play in a game seems a little anal-retentive, just remember that you might be the only one in your section keeping a card-which might make you popular enough to score a free hot dog or two.
But McGrath, shining as the anal-retentive Anita, gives a standout performance.
* Patients who have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder--and especially adolescents--often respond to use of paradoxical humor: "I agree teachers who require you to actually turn in homework are, of course, anal-retentive fascists!
I heard more about her and BRAD PITT than I ever heard about her work." H BEN STILLER is being lined up to play an anal-retentive risk analyst in a new romantic comedy.
Leonard's encompassing review includes the funny and instructive story of King buying a table at the National Book Awards for himself and John Grisham (among others), who will never be invited or granted such a prize by what Leonard, borrowing a fine word from King, calls "those shit-weasels, the anal-retentive literary establishment." Not at the table, and not on the cover.