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(psychoanalysis) the second sexual and social stage of a child's development during which bowel control is learned

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Epstein considers other accounts of tambu but concludes that they all neglect its 'dimension of affect' (1979:150), namely the 'profound emotional charge' of tambu that he relates to unconscious impulses and meanings, connected to an anal stage in the childhood development of sexuality (1979:151; 167-168).
(Whether these conflicts are unconsciously influenced by an anal stage in childhood development remains debatable).
The classical psychoanalytical argument for attitudes to wealth as a transformation of anal stage behaviours depends upon a giving up of self formed in the oral-anal-genital stages of personality development.
For Wiru, it seems unlikely that ideas about wealth can be simply reduced to transformations of retentive and eliminative pleasures developed in the anal stage. It is rather that valuables and faeces differ from each other in being opposite sides of the same coin; the former refer to creative bodily acts and the latter, if not to destruction, at least to the minimal form of exchange, of giving something up.