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Outer lip evenly convex in side view, not serrated, anal sinus moderately deep, linguiform, its opening constricted, margin raised; inner edge of lip with 9-11 weak, ridge-like teeth, one at each end stronger than others, but in some specimens very irregular; inner lip smooth, shallowly sinuous, thinly calloused, parietal pad weak.
Anal sinus shallowly linguiform, directed slightly posteriorly, situated on subsutural ridge.
Outer lip flattened in side view, slightly serrated at ridge terminations, edge incurved; anal sinus moderately deep, linguiform, abapically directed, its opening constricted, its margin not raised; interior of lip with 7 ridges or small teeth, the strongest one at entrance to siphonal canal; inner lip smooth, with a flattened callus, parietal pad weak.