anal sex

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intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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Even one anal sex act monthly greatly raises the risk of HIV transmission in straight couples.
This is particularly concerning because about a quarter of participants did not always use a condom during anal sex with casual partners in the past six months and many had multiple sexual partners in that period.
At baseline, the proportion of students who had ever had oral, vaginal or anal sex was statistically similar in the comparison (8%) and intervention (11%) cohorts.
One somewhat surprising finding was the significant risk associated with receptive oral sex, even after controlling for receptive and insertional anal sex practices.
Most of the sex toys are bondage or s&m fetish items; some are specially designed for anal sex, and a few such as the fuzzy blindfold are general purpose.
Among homosexuals, highly risky sexual practices such as anal sex are very common.
All 14 men reported unprotected anal sex with anonymous male sex partners in France, and none reported a stay in an LGV-endemic area.
Despite the increased risk of infection, 64 percent do not use protection during anal sex.
Underwood's crisp introduction and well-summarized interviews explore the views of 21 "bottoms," "tops," "versa-tiles," and couples, who all offer remarkably candid comments on gay anal sex.
Therefore, N-9 should not be used as a microbicide or lubricant during anal sex.
The art in question was a cartoonish, 12-foot-tall mechanical piece that portrayed a moving naked man performing anal sex on a kneeling naked man.
When I go in for my irregularly timed HIV antibody tests, public health workers tell me multiple sex partners and unprotected anal sex are the surest routes to HIV infection.
Sometimes the error is as jaw-dropping as a comment that "gay men and lesbians" must be careful not to fall back into pre-AIDS sexual practices like anal sex (I actually did read this, in a New York Times op-ed) - as if this writer really believes lesbians have the same anatomies as gay men, or comparable AIDS risk.
He notes that the survey yielded virtually no evidence of men engaging in unprotected anal sex with both men and women--a behavior considered a potential bridge for the transmission of the virus to the general population.
They considered three separate types of sexual behavior in the past 12 months: (1) any vaginal or anal sex, (2) vaginal or anal sex without a condom, and (3) vaginal or anal sex without a condom and with an HIV-negative partner or a partner whose HIV status was not known.