anal sex

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intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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During an answer to a question on homosexuality, he said when the couple has sex while the woman is pregnant, and the sex is "unnatural," as he characterised anal sex, then the desire is transferred to the foetus.
But the impact of chemsex and slamsex on risk of condom-free anal sex, HCV infection, and bacterial STIs remains poorly understood.
The data were stratified by those who reported anal sex and other risk factors, including having more than two sexual partners, condomless sex with a new partner or multiple partners, gonorrhea in the past year, or any history of syphilis, according to Mary Evans, MD, of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and her colleagues.
Anal sex participation, though, was 6%-8% higher than the national average, said Dr.
The study shows a particular increase in vaginal sex engaged in by 16-to 24-year-olds, but the increasing oral and anal sex practices was more most significant among slightly older participants between 19 and 24.
But the recommendation is that all who practice anal sex, especially those who are living with HIV or HPV, be tested every one to three years.
Sex-seeking using smartphone-based geosocial networking apps may have contributed to the dramatic increase of number of partners and unprotected anal sex. IBM preferred receptive anal sex and had a higher rate of STD symptoms.
The key input parameters used in the model included per-act HIV transmission probabilities with insertive and receptive anal sex, HIV risk-reduction strategies or risk modifiers, number of sex acts, and HIV prevalence among MSM partners (see Supplementary Materials).
Furthermore, the mean number of anal sex partners declined from 10.9 at baseline to 9.3 at the 48 weeks' follow-up, but the rate of participants engaging in condomless receptive anal sex remained at 65.5% at baseline and at follow-up at 48 weeks.
Researchers have documented that MSM do engage in high-risk behaviors (i.e., anal sex without a condom) during venue attendance (see Bingham et al., 2008; Frankis & Flowers, 2006; Reidy et al., 2009; Woods et al., 2007; Xia et al., 2006).
On one hand, it's nigh impossible to construct an argument by which sexual contact between men, let alone anal sex, is considered permissible in God's eyes.
High HIV prevalence, lack of awareness of HIV-positive status, unprotected anal sex, and increased viral load among HIV-positive MSM not on antiretroviral treatment contribute substantially to new infections among this population.
Over half of the respondents reported having a current regular partner; the rate of unprotected anal sex with their regular partner was high (45.1%).
Yes, Taormino considers herself a feminist pornographer, having produced and directed 24 adult films, including two videos based on her book The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women as well as Chemistry, a reality-based series of full-length movies in which the performers choose their own sex partners.
Because of cultural limitations, health care providers cannot discuss oral and anal sex and their consequences explicitly with women (2-4).