anal retentive

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a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region

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"If SPJ crossed anyone's radar during the rest of the year, it was for copy editing workshops on whether or not anal retentive has a hyphen.
`There are a few ways in which I am very anal retentive, or, as I like to say, `particular.' This is one of them,' said Dustin Lanker, singer and keyboard player for local band the Visible Men.
According to a recent survey conducted on behalf of Lowe's, 38% of women familiar with the show (are there any who aren't?) said that Monica--the anal retentive neat freak played by Courteney.
"ZINE GEEKS--often fastidious and overly anal retentive collectors of trivia and worthless tidbits who seek to foul the postal service with their ridiculous rants and musings about the boring minutiae of their everyday lives.
"Classic anal retentive." He detailed the killer's age, job, habits perfectly.
Would be anal retentive, and unwilling to give himself away?