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A circumferential incision in the mucocutaneous junction was made around the ectopic anal orifice stay sutures silk 4-0 were taken to secure the anal manipulation during surgery and then a midline vertical skin incision was extended to reach up to the posterior limit of the external sphincter by staying in midline.
A strong artery forceps was used to twist the fourth side inwards thus freeing the edge and to slide the cup out of the anal orifice. This technique is suitable for metallic foreign bodies with a large diameter impacted in the rectum.
A method for absorbing leakage from an anus of a subject, comprising positioning a non-adhesive intergluteal absorbent pad external to the subject's anal orifice such that the pad is retained frictionally between the buttocks without an adhesive to attach the pad to the buttocks, so that discharge from the anus is absorbed by the absorbent material of the pad, This device has been patented by a researcher in Oregon.
They are non-secretory abortive sebaceous glands situated around anus in uniform circle upto 2 cm from anal orifice and also scattered at areas on prepuce, tail, hind legs and trunks (Maita and Ishida, 2009).
Two external genitalia of which one well developed and other incompletely developed with one patent anal orifice. Single thorax, abdomen and pelvis.