anal intercourse

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intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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28) To the best of our knowledge, none of these studies examined the age at first anal intercourse among young adults.
Also in recent studies, most people (men and women) who practice anal intercourse reported using some kind of a lubricant (such as gel, cream, or saliva among others).
The researchers addressed the gender gap regarding the personal preferences of heterosexual anal sex partners, noting a strong social trend of normalizing often "painful" sexual practices, such as anal intercourse.
The condom usage in receptive anal intercourse was confirmed by 47.
Repealing section 159 would prevent charges being laid against persons who engage in non-exploitive, consensual anal intercourse.
He had had one unprotected episode of receptive anal intercourse with one unknown HIV-positive partner 2 months earlier, and the first signs of anal discomfort were noticed 2 weeks after sexual intercourse.
They performed a cross-sectional survey involving 991 HIV-positive males who reported having recent oral or anal intercourse with other males.
coli had a history of anal intercourse before symptom onset.
vaginal intercourse (women only), anal intercourse, fellatio (performed on a partner), and manual-penile stimulation (performed on a partner).
The possibility of receptive heterosexual anal intercourse has only been mentioned in a couple of studies (18, 19).
They discuss anal intercourse, both male-male and male-female, on tomb texts from the second century BCE to erotic writing of the Ming period.
Furthermore, anal intercourse, the sex act most linked to MSM, had the highest likelihood of infection.
The control and risk-reduction groups were statistically indistinguishable with respect to the odds of reporting unprotected vaginal intercourse, heterosexual anal intercourse and vaginal intercourse with multiple partners.
In the high risk category, vaginal and anal intercourse without a condom carries the greatest risk.
12) Because the anorectal transitional zone where cloacogenic tumors arise shares an embryologic origin with the uterine cervix, a site of cancers related to sexual intercourse, the Fox Chase team posed "the serious question of the etiologic potential of receptive anal intercourse in the development of cloacogenic carcinoma.