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a chronic inflammation of the withers of a horse

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an abnormal passage leading from a suppurating cavity to the body surface


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The management of anal fistula is an important challenge in colorectal surgery.
Anal abscess and anal fistula (AA/F) diseases are common disorders encountered by primary care physicians and colorectal surgeons.
[6] who analysed the natural history of fistulising Crohn's disease among the residents of Stockholm County, Sweden, from 1955 to 1974; the cumulative incidence of anal fistula was 23%.
Lleda, "Risk factors for recurrence and incontinence after anal fistula surgery," Colorectal Disease, vol.
Anal Fistula can be a real problem and very painful for the patient.
In addition, other treatment approaches may be adapted which include endorectal muscular or mucosal advancement flap, fistulous tract filling with fibrin or cyanoacrylate glue, island flap anoplasty, anal fistula plug, ayurvedic seton, radiofrequency ablation, glue containing adipose-derived stem cells, ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract and video-assisted anal fistula treatment8.
Persistence of idiopathic anal fistula may be related to epithelialization.
The main etiology of anal fistula is the infection of anal glands, which locates in the internal sphincter.
The ligation of the intersphincteric fistula tract procedure for anal fistula: a mixed bag of results.
On a later occasion, he was invited to my unit at Baragwanath Hospital to operate on a complicated anal fistula. His understanding of the anatomy was remarkable, and the patient was cured of a serious disease.
When Louis X1V suffered an anal fistula, prayers were said in churches throughout France as the operation to cure the Sun King was begun (without anaesthetics, of course!) and miraculously was successful.
An etiology was identified in 20 patients dominated by the anal fistula (n=10).