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Synonyms for fissure

Synonyms for fissure

a usually narrow partial opening caused by splitting and rupture

to undergo partial breaking

Synonyms for fissure

a long narrow depression in a surface

(anatomy) a long narrow slit or groove that divides an organ into lobes

break into fissures or fine cracks

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Griffin N, Acheson AG, Jonas M, Scholefield JH: The role of topical diltiazem in the treatment of chronic anal fissures that have failed glyceryl trinitrate therapy.
Neither indoramin nor minoxidil were effective for healing anal fissures.
Based on our prospective data, we suggest that the treatment algorithm for chronic anal fissure with stepwise escalation is an effective tool in achieving fissure healing and avoiding irreversible surgical sphincterotomy in [almost] 85% of the patients," Dr.
Coverage of the Anal Fissure pipeline on the basis of therapeutic class, route of administration and molecule type.
Screening for the effectiveness of conservative treatment in chronic anal fissure patients using anorectalmanometry.
Anal fissures that are too painful or fail to respond to conservative care are candidates for lateral internal sphincterotomy.
ANAL fissure is a distressing and painful condition and I can imagine how desperate he must be to find an effective treatment.
SAN DIEGO -- Chemical sphincterotomy using topical glyceryltrinitrate followed, if necessary, by botulinum toxin enables up to 90% of patients with chronic anal fissures to avoid surgery, Dr.
It would be sensible to get her doctor to check for an anal fissure and he may also prescribe a mild laxative specially formulated for children.
Additionally, previous studies did not address the relatively high cost of botulinum toxin, which is generally not covered by insurers for off-label indications such as the treatment of achalasia and anal fissures.
4% nitroglycerin ointment) product for reduction of pain associated with anal fissures.
Anoheal(R) is a topical cream in phase III development for the treatment of anal fissures.
Condyloma acuminatum (human papilloma-virus) is the most common finding (40-50%) in many series, followed by peri-anal ulcers (32%), fistula-in-ano (30%), anal fissures (30%), sepsis and abscesses, complicated haemorrhoids and proctocolitis.
The boy was diagnosed with a closed head injury, brain contusion of severe degree, multiple bruises on the face, trunk, legs, anal fissures.