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a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region

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Anal cytology was included in the 2001 Bethesda System conference and atlas of cervicovaginal cytology because of the morphologic similarity between human papillomavirus-associated squamous lesions in these sites.
Digital examination is contraindicated in acute anal pain.
Based on the results of the present study, about half of the women accepted to have oral sex upon their husbands' request; however, approximately 41% of them hated anal sex and 31% were apathetic.
One required a loop colostomy 3 years after completing treatment for anal stenosis causing faecal incontinence and 1 required an APR 2 years after chemoradiation for persistent anal pain.
Nineteen percent of women who had vaginal delivery and anal sphincter laceration met the criteria for AI according to the EPIQ.
Under SEM at lower magnifications the anal plates appear relatively smooth similar to that observed under light microscopy (Fig.
Sixty women (36%) had anal sex and 54 (33%) smoked.
Impaction of ingested foreign body in the anal canal is an extremely rare cause of perianal abscess or fistula formation (4).
Although MSM are at increased risk for HPV-associated anal cancer, they are not the only population at risk.
Finally, among respondents who reported having had anal intercourse in the past three months, the number of unprotected episodes of anal sex was similar for men (3.
A recent study of 86,322 HIV-infected patients who were part of a national cohort in France identified 132 cases of anal cancer.
An anal sphincter tear was also more likely to occur in women who had an episiotomy or a forceps assisted birth than women who did not receive these procedures.
Most (12/15) reported participation in oral and anal sex, and 6 reported oral-anal contact.
His moral perspective, as defined by Robinson in his analysis, is apparent in both of his works and he is particularly vehement in his discussions about bare backing--the practice of engaging in anal intercourse without a protective condom.
Springtime for the RNC evidences, according to the press release, "flowery pink anal orifices expanding and contracting in the breeze" splayed across a surface of citrus green, while newamericancen tury.