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a game whose object is to form words from a group of randomly chosen letters

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AN anagram is a word, phrase or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as spar, formed from rasp.
Anagrams have been an important tool in her advertising career, usually when naming new businesses or products, Ms.
Walking anagram Divock Origi (Belgian for 'the original div') is expected to arrive in January instead of the summer.
Wording doesn't add anything new to this, so when you solve an anagram you get points instead of appreciation from real people after showing your prowess with words.
An anagram is a word formed by rearranging the letters of another word.
* BEING a keen fan of the Sky Blues and the cryptic crossword each day in your paper (especially the anagrams), and after seeing the front page headline on Saturday, 'Show Me The Money, Sisu,' I decided to try and make my own anagram based on the name of the club owners.
Richard Zimler (author); THE WARSAW ANAGRAMS; The Overlook Press (Fiction: Thriller) $25.95 ISBN: 9781590200889
Drawing of two anagrams as an overlapped image to be seen separately Two anagram tasks were drawn as an overlapped image using Adobe Photoshop.
Using anagrams, Anna Barham has created a seemingly endless language network that riffs off the enigmatic words "Return to Leptis Magna"; the resulting phrases trail off into the nonsensical--"Repaint Lost Argument"--or just as often produce still enigmatic yet more resonant mutterings: "Interrupt Tonal Games," for example.
"What Dijksterhuis ignored is that people might already decide when they first hear about the cars, and not after thinking about it or solving anagrams," says psychologist Daniel Lassiter of Ohio University in Athens.
This must have helped with my spelling and understanding of words and I certainly became a whiz at anagrams.
I SPOKE too soon in last week's column when I described anagrams as a pain in the "ears".
Taking liberties with rhymes, anagrams, puns, palindromes, free-verse, stream-of-consciousness, and other techniques, each work has a different natural rhythm, and all leave a vibrant imprint on the senses.
Failure was induced in the experimental group by requiring participants to attempt unsolvable anagrams. Participants completed anagrams both before and after the experimental manipulation, and changes in self-efficacy were measured pre and post manipulation by a general and task-specific self-efficacy scale.
Students who first spent 4 minutes completing the distracting task of solving anagrams usually chose the best cars and felt satisfied with the decision.