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read letters out of order to discover a hidden meaning

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The critic Silvio Ramat offers an attractive hypothesis: playing with the word "chimera" (as defined by Bonaffini, a "hauntingly complex apparition, a fleeting sign of metaphysical opening, present throughout Campana's work and prefiguring the poetic mission itself"), (44) he anagrammatizes it as "America." For Ramat, Campana's true object of desire is "America," "the new continent of poetry: the most modern and most primordial one." (45) And yet, if "America" does help Campana to find contact with personal freedom and poetic inspiration, innovative diction and experimental strength, he chooses not to root his poetry exclusively in such a real and ideal territory: he wants to be able to create an authentically transnational poetry.
Taylor unflatteringly anagrammatizes Fennor's name; Fennor critiques it, and reciprocates with one of his own; Taylor critiques that in turn, and offers another.
The Tempest famously provides proof of Shakespeare's knowledge of New World cannibalism; Caliban anagrammatizes cannibal, and Gonzalo paraphrases Michel de Montaigne's essay "Des Cannibales" in 2.1 of the play.