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related to anagrams or containing or making an anagram


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46), anagrammatically and metaphorically a "diamond maiden" but he is willing to humble himself and earn her trust and her father's approval.
Against it, Gustav, who henceforth--for a while at least, until he will have shot Toni--turns into August, invokes two strategies, which are intimately linked to the anagrammatically performed name-change:
10) and anagrammatically (signature formula vi vo made.
I HAVE long believed that the essence of a person's character lies hidden anagrammatically within their name.
In the person of an African chieftain, the "psychist" N'Gana Frimbo, Fisher risks an indirect representation of Gurdjieff that is signaled descriptively ("the deep-set eyes still held their peculiar glow") and anagrammatically ("Frimbo" as anagram.
This "great buck" is, I propose, an eland--one of the South African antelopes rather than North American, I know--but appearing anagrammatically there in "landed" and, for the crosswordpuzzle solvers among us, another word in which elan is embedded, just as it's "embodied," to go back to Frost's term, in the creature itself.