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Synonyms for anagrammatical

related to anagrams or containing or making an anagram


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What is less often acknowledged is the significant role of the anagrammatical relationship between the words diamonds and maidens and the names of a number of these treasured females.
This time the anagrammatical approach wouldn't work; Junius was using another code.
Caliban pronounces the name Setebos, with its rich anagrammatical potential to be read as so betes, eight times throughout the poem, almost the exact same number of times that Caliban puts forward his "seven theses or propositions, each ending in analogy with 'So He.
One of the undercover pleasures of the name Bendo is the anagrammatical double duty it can do, in the service either of chastity or of cheat, depending on whether you read it to suggest "no bed" or "on bed.
For example, at the end of the last century, a painter whose name we would certainly have otherwise forgotten, Paul Serusier, worked out a "theory of complementary colors" as attractive as it was unusable at a practical level, and, not to be outdone, we have seen, in recent years, writers toiling away and exhausting themselves in the construction of texts relying entirely upon dreary sequences of anagrammatical acrobatics more or less inspired by Saussure or again by a celebrated psychoanalytical guru.
For instance, these rhymes involve anagrammatical relationships: