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related to anagrams or containing or making an anagram

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A Mown Lawn" advocates for a resistance to conformity, a refusal to play by the rules of the game, not only in its semantic content, but also in its form: the anagrammatic play foregrounds the arbitrary connections between word and meaning, signifier and signified.
In "Mystique," palindromic and anagrammatic letter patterns correspond to other structures and imagery in the poem, suggesting that their presence is not merely accidental.
Fernand Hallyn brings important nuances to Tabourot's and Du Verdier's famous statement that Dorat was the first to introduce the anagram in Renaissance France, arguing that his innovation was more precisely a transformation of the anagrammatic form into a full-fledged hermeneutic tool and poetic genre.
Its anagrammatic flirtation with its rhyming word "Flicker-lit" suggests the generation's journey, pre-historic or even beyond time, retains history--"blasted weeping rockwalls"--as its reflecting tain.
In this regard it is not a matter of indifference that Rousseau sometimes adopted and was addressed by numerous other proper names: the anagrammatic Vaussore (Confessions, Bk.
30 Which great writer used the anagrammatic pen-name AlcofribasNasier?
In concert with its pronounced sound of Lamb's initial "L" and its anagrammatic significance, "a lie," the name also is the Italian form of Elijah.
Characters in Shakespeare may also be deindividualized by their typicality, by their substitutability, or by their specular or anagrammatic relation to each other.
This resulted in dismissing from the corpus a group of playful linguistic devices cognate with puns, such as malapropic formations (assumed, after Sobkowiak (1991: 7), to belong more fittingly with speech errors), anagrammatic structures (instances of word games) or forms resting on pure syntactic ambiguity, to name just a few.
Crenshaw is a juicy melon," she begins; and then proceeds to reel off a head-spinning string of anagrammatic threats and boasts such as "I'd rend your cares with my shears.
We have noted examples of double encoding of names, both explicit and anagrammatic.
Garde" (the anagrammatic pseudonym of Edgar Leoni), a compendium of cribbed encyclopedia entries published by a vanity house in 1964.
Albi Rosenthal has a delightful note on Mozart's anagrammatic play on key signatures.
This pattern is not constant, however, and the narration is driven by a profusion of rhymes--pararhymes, anagrammatic and apocopated rhymes, making up a veritable compendium of verse forms.
We kept the USA name when we contributed our entertainment assets to a joint venture with Vivendi in 2002 knowing that it had limited descriptive value but at least would keep confusion to a minimum during the transition as well as being reluctant to make a name up out of some anagrammatic or other creative process.