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related to anagrams or containing or making an anagram

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The plays also include word anagrams like Thurio's 'sonnet' and 'onset' in Two Gentlemen of Verona, and name anagrams like Cordelia and Lear in King Lear as well as the anagrammatic triad Viola-Malvolio-Olivia in Twelfth Night.
Below are sixty examples of unintentional anagrammatic tweets.
By staring at a restaurant, cinema or retail product and the paper's critics' reviews would come into vision without all the hassle of reaching for the phone, wrote the 's anagrammatic correspondent Lois P Farlo.
However, the addition of non-thoroughbred bloodlines through his dam Anagrammatic should be noted, a method used to great effect in jumps pedigrees.
and discompose themselves before the eyes of the reader in a rhythmic, anagrammatic shuffling.
"Suddenly Afraid" echoes the phrasing in "A Mown Lawn," separating the name "woman" from the condition of being a woman, but also foregrounds an anagrammatic play in the way the words after the colon approach asymptotically the word "woman"--the reader can infer this word from the failed attempts at writing it.
(14) It is tempting to speculate that very name Felise may have attracted Swinburne's attention for its anagrammatic potential, permutations of the name being self, feel, life, lies, and flies, words whose semantic value sets them firmly within the poem's purview.
The two most popular renditions of the day were a choral offering by Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians and an operatic treatment by the baritone who referred to himself by the almost anagrammatic pseudonym Merrill Miller.
The anagrammatic disguise in Jules Pascin's namehe began life in Bulgaria as Julius Pincaspretty much tells the whole story of how the Jews went native in Paris.
Writing this anagrammatic poem was laborious, as it took many hours to "extract" all the words that exist within the word "fracking" and to look up the words (and what I would later realize were non-words) for which I didn't know the definition.
Behold a wilderness of voices crying within one Pursuit The tension created between proof and devotion When reveal becomes a lever and you press it your heart will feel gallantly recreated In a sense, the exhortation to behold in these lines prompts the poet and reader to look to see that there is a lever hidden in the letters of "reveal." Rehm's anagrammatic process is premised on consequence: it's not so much that there is a lever in reveal if you can find it.
the ana- gram and gram -mar of mar- gins and mar- igolds begins another poem in "Arrow's shadow." Here, the anagrammatic play of words is made blatant, while the phrase "mar of mar" works as a kind of double negative, leading, in the way of double negatives, to an ambivalent affirmation ("I do not not love you!").
But 1) "Our Boggling Constitution" is a really smashing title, much better than "Our Anagrammatic Constitution," and I'm not going to let anything stand in the way of using it, and 2) if Amar can bury the problems with his approach, I can do the same with mine.
First, it links Cote's novel to the canon of science-fiction literature with its implied reference to Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics (Asimov), a reference made clearer through the anagrammatic name of the robots' coach, "Saac Amisov" (47).
A core device of contemporary choreography, this way of manipulating the dancer's body features could be named "anagrammatic", as Gerald Siegmund (Fanti/Xing 2003:83) [39] has defined Xavier Le Roy's body because of the way the dancer plays with its parts, displacing them as in an anagram in which, as Jerome Bel specifies, boundaries and functions are indefinite.